NHL – Roman Josi invests in… mineral water!


We are attached to our region or we are not. Despite his nearly ten million dollar annual salary, the Swiss captain of the Nashville Predators Roman Josi didn’t forget where he came from.

THE Blick we learn today that the defender is continuing to invest in Switzerland. After his shares in SC Bern, his support in the development of the watch brand Norqain and co-ownership of a restaurant in Nashville, Josi put money into Adelboden’s water source.

They are several high-level athletes to find themselves in the project as still Mark Streitthe goalkeeper of the Swiss football team Yann Sommer or the king of wrestling Christian Stucki. « My place of origin is Adelboden. This is why it is important to me to be able to participate and to ensure that the source of Adelboden remains in Swiss hands»says Josi.


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