NHL players show off their best costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and if you are not caught in the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel on Monday, October 31, you can take part in the annual costume party.

Are you lacking inspiration this year? You’ve been pulling out the Mario and Luigi costume for five years and want to move on?

You wanted to dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer, but nine of your other friends have already done the same.

We offer you some inspirations from NHL players, or rather the spouses of NHL players. We all kinda know how it works, don’t we?

At the McCabe family, we found a special for the costume of Mr. Incredible, a famous Disney character. In addition, the colors resemble that of the Blackhawks, the formation of the defenseman who was previously with the Sabers.

We were talking about Mario and Luigi earlier. The Bruins went for the classic. Our question is this. How was it decided who was going to wear the princess costume?

It was Derek Forbort who was the… unfortunate chosen. We can also see in the photo that he can’t wait for the morning training to begin.

We also headed into the fabulous world of Mario and Luigi at the Blues. In noteworthy laziness, Vladimir Tarasenko only put on Luigi’s hat.

The classic: “Ooops, I forgot to dress up. I have nothing. »

“Okay, put on Luigi’s hat and tell us what your favorite candy is. It’s going to be OK. »

The Flyers joined the useful to the pleasant. Some team players have put on the disguise. Hi Artem Anisimov, dressed as a hot dog.

They then visited the sick children of the Shriners Chiledren’s in Philadelphia.

There are also a few veterans who hit home runs every season. Among them, we find Marc-André Fleury, who is not afraid to butter thick on the makeup.

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