NHL: Montreal fires Julien

Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Wednesday February 24, 2021 at 17:34

The Montreal Canadiens, used to the ups and downs of the genre, had remained relatively calm in recent seasons despite the average results. Coach Claude Julien, however, has just suffered the consequences.

Claude Julien was entering his fourth season at the head of the Montreal Canadiens, a real institution in Quebec where hockey is the No. 1 sport and where the CH generates a passion and a place in local society comparable to OM or Barça in soccer. Thanked Wednesday, the head coach pulled off a small feat by lasting so long: before his predecessor Michel Therrien, who had stayed for five consecutive years, no one had managed to stay so long since the late Pat Burns, from 1988 to 1992. Before, therefore, the last title of Montreal, which lifted its final Stanley Cup in 1993 (24 in total since 1916) … Julien had already passed on the bench of the Canadiens from 2003 to 2006 (see the video above), before joining sworn enemy Boston from 2007 to 2017, notably winning the title in 2011.

Bergevin: « I have a lot of respect for him, I hold him in high esteem »

Marc Bergevin, the general manager, would like (on the franchise website) « to sincerely thank Julien and his assistant Kirk Muller for their contribution to our team during the last five years, during which we have worked together. I have a lot of respect for these two men whom I hold in high esteem.  » Dominique Ducharme will take the interim: « We see in him a very promising coach, who will bring new life and new energy to our group. We have the feeling that our team can reach high standards over time. had come to make these changes. « 

After a good start to the season, in a particular 2020-2021 fiscal year because of the Covid, where the Canadian teams only compete against each other in a specific division, nothing is going anymore for Montreal which remains on six losses in eight games – including three against Ottawa, which however has only six victories. Julien, in a desperate momentum, had notably tried to withdraw three of his executives from the workforce (Paul Byron, Tomas Tatar and Artturi Lehkonen).

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