NHL Gaming World Championship: registration is open

Registration for the annual NHL esport tournament hosted by the National Hockey League is officially open.

NHL 21 players on XBOX One and Playstation 4 can register since Friday by visiting the official tournament page on Battlefly.

For the first time this year, NHL teams will also be involved in the NHL Gaming World Championship.

Each North American player will have the opportunity to represent one of the 31 clubs on the Bettman Circuit, as well as a 32nd surprise team named in honor of the NHL esport community, during the grand final, at condition of course to qualify for it.

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As in previous editions of the tournament, the competition will take place in the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) game mode.

The first round of the tournament will be held over a four-week period, from April 7 to May 2. Each week, participants will be required to play a maximum of 25 online games against other players registered in the tournament. EA will establish a weekly leaderboard and the top 32 players from each console (XBOX and PS4) will win a Collectible, which will allow them to move on to the next round. A total of 256 players will qualify for the Club Finals, or 128 per console.

During this second round, we will attend 32 mini-tournaments in which eight players will compete (four on each console). The 32 winners will then represent an NHL team – or the esports community team – and meet in the third and final round of the tournament.

For the final round, four groups of eight players will be formed. The winners of the Club Finals will cross swords in playoffs two of three, until only one player is crowned the tournament winner and awarded $ 25,000.

The winner on the European side will also win a sum of $ 12,000. Note that the total prize pool is $ 100,000.

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