NHL Daily Betting Guide – 3/25/23

Welcome to our betting guide brought to you by NHL betting site Betway!

Having a little skin in the game can make watching NHL hockey even more exciting.

During the 2022-23 season, Daily Faceoff will help you become a better bettor with this betting model and our betting tools.


Every day we will look at every game, sports betting odds (via Betway) and every team’s winning odds based on the model created by Philippe Boulsink. Based on these two numbers, we can quickly identify which teams to bet on, which teams to avoid and which lines to watch throughout the day.

You can quickly determine which teams are the best bets by following this simple table:

I will also provide best bet analysis and update this post throughout the day to report important news regarding injuries, roster changes and the departure of reserve goalkeepers.

The number to watch is the « Diff ». which is the percentage difference between the projected Win% of the model and the projected Win% based on Betway odds. To find out how odds convert to percentages, use our odds calculator.

Saturday March 25


Season so far

  • File: 127-124
  • Units: +26.93
  • ROI: +10.73%

Bets recommended 💰

  • 1.0 unit bet: TBL ML +151
  • 1.0 unit bet: NSH ML +114
  • 1.0 unit bet: SJS ML +267
  • 1.0 unit bet: OTT ML +167
  • 1.0 unit bet: VGK ML +172

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