NHL COVID-19 Protocol Changes

The NHL and AJLNH have announced a change to the COVID-19 protocol to reduce the duration of isolation for a player, coach or staff member who receives a positive test result.

A fully vaccinated player, coach or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 must now self-isolate for five days rather than ten, if they meet certain conditions. The change was made following new isolation guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control on Monday.

These changes are being made to the league as a whole, but anyone struggling with COVID-19 must nonetheless abide by the health and safety rules applicable in their jurisdiction, which includes that of federal and provincial public health authorities in Canada. Canada, which may be more restrictive than those set out in the protocol.

After a positive test, a person must self-isolate for five days, unless they have a fever, in which case they must remain in isolation until the fever subsides. If there are no symptoms, or if the symptoms subside after five days, that person can end their isolation, if local health authorities allow it, and resume training and games after and after a negative PCR result is obtained. have received the green light from the doctor on his team.

This person must still continue to wear his mask at all times, with the exception of practices and games, when he is in the presence of other people for five other days.

All other elements of the protocol remain in place.

The medical experts of the NHL and the AJLNH will reassess these measures by January 12.

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