NHL – Connor Bedard will know the team that will draft him tonight


It is tonight, at 8:00 p.m. local time, in Las Vegas, that the NHL will proceed to the partial draw of the lottery in anticipation of the draft next June. Only the last 16 formations will know their choice of selection. The opportunity above all to know who will have the privilege of fishing Connor Bedard.

The 16 NHL teams excluded from the playoffs, however, cannot all win this lottery. Odds of winning the lottery are based on ranking, with a team not able to advance more than 10 ranks. This therefore means that only eleven formations can hope to obtain the 1st choice. Again, not everyone has the same chances since there is a percentage chance depending on the ranking.

Last in the regular season standings, the Anaheim Ducks currently have a 25.5% chance of winning 1st place. Behind follow Columbus (13.5%), Chicago (11.5%), San José (9.5%), Montreal (8.5%), Arizona (7.5%), Philadelphia (6.5%), Detroit (6%), Washington (5%), St. Louis (3.5%) and Vancouver (3%).

On 10 occasions, since 1995, the team with the most chances has won the lottery and no 1st choice trade has ever taken place.


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