NHL and adidas Unveil 31 Alternative « Reverse Retro » Jerseys

Portland, Oregon (November 16, 2020) – adidas and the National Hockey League (NHLMD) today announced the launch of the authentic Adidas Reverse Retro ADIZERO jerseys that will be worn by all 31 teams in the league over the next season – marking the historic first ever participation of all 31 teams in a jersey program league-wide alternatives. adidas has worked closely with the NHLMD and each team when designing Reverse Retro jerseys that represent unique moments in each team’s history while refreshing the combination of colors and designs to deliver all new presentations.

The adidas Reverse Retro program creates a new formula for showcasing fan passion. The main theme of the adidas design process over the past two years has focused on the old jerseys and colors of each team, while remixing them to create something new and never seen before. With this in mind, adidas has created unique and attractive jerseys that incorporate the colors of inverted teams.

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“Hockey fans love retro jerseys and the Reverse Retro program is a great opportunity for adidas to work closely with the NHLMD and the 31 teams to update designs from important moments in team history while adding unique touches, ”said Dan Near, senior manager at adidas Hockey. “From the start, our goal has been to work with the NHLMD and all the teams to bring creativity, energy and innovation to sport in all our activities. What better way to do all of this than to unite nostalgia for each team’s historic moments with new designs that have never been seen before in sport. « 

Brian Jennings, Chief Brand Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of NHLMD added, “NHL team jerseys have long had deep historical significance to avid and casual hockey fans. Over the years, the concept of each sweater has evolved, balancing history and authenticity and including cultural touchpoints. The Reverse Retro program is a celebration of the combination of nostalgia, style and a great interest in the hockey jersey. As a brand, adidas stands at the epicenter of youth, sport and lifestyle and is the perfect partner for this exciting initiative. « 

Each team will wear the authentic Adidas Reverse Retro ADIZERO jersey in multiple matches during the 2020-21 season of the NHLMD including special matchups featuring exciting and renewed rivalries – old and new (announcements to be made by the league at later dates).

The authentic Reverse Retro ADIZERO jerseys from adidas for the 31 teams of the NHLMD will be available from December 1 between $ 180 and $ 225 in the United States and between $ 200 and $ 250 in Canada on adidas.com, adidas.ca, NHLShop.com and NHLShop.ca and in team stores exclusively ; a larger-scale launch will take place at other retailers from December 6.

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