NHL: a goalscoring goalkeeper, a first since 2013

This hadn’t happened for over six years. Pekka Rinne, the Nashville Predators’ Finnish goaltender, scored a goal, becoming the first NHL goaltender since Mike Smith on October 19, 2013. Thanks to this performance, coupled with his 29 saves, Pekka Rinne contributed greatly to the beautiful victory of his club on the ground of the Chicago Blackhawks, (5-2), Thursday evening.

While his team was already leading 4-2, Pekka Rinne shot from his own goal and the puck, after a few rebounds on the ice and a few seconds of running, ended up in the opposing net, empty. He becomes the 12th goalscorer in history and only the eighth to be credited with a goal on his own shot. His partners have largely congratulated him for this rare fact of play. That goal with 21 seconds remaining was the perfect conclusion to a great night for the Predators, who picked up their first victory since the appointment of John Hynes as coach.

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