NHL 23: some teams to watch at the RDS Video Games Cup

The qualifications for the NHL 23 part of the RDS Video Games Cup being now over, it’s time to get down to business! The competition’s playoff matches will be broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday evening on Bell’s Twitch channel and for the occasion, RDS Jeux vidéo has prepared a small top 5 for you on the teams to watch in the next rounds.

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Supremacy took top honors in the RDS Video Games Cup on NHL 22 last year by causing the biggest surprise of the tournament by eliminating the Baby Beans of miviens and company in the grand final. It goes without saying that they find themselves in our top 5 teams to watch since they will have the knife between their teeth in order to defend their title. However, the task could prove more complex this year as the team led by captain Kevin Champagne finished third in their group in qualifying with three points (1 win and 2 losses), behind The Underdogs and Reverence, who both got the better of Supremacy.


They were dominant in qualifying, finishing first in their group with a +14 goal differential. They posted wins of 4-2 (against ASCENSION), 7-0 (against Heroness) and 7-2 (against Ghost Legends). More recently, they did well in the Anaheim Ducks 6-on-6 tournament, finishing in the top 10 for the regular season (22 wins in 32 games) and reaching the round of 16 in the same competition.

One Unit

This is another team that caught the eye of the Anaheim Ducks 6-on-6 tournament by also finishing in the top 10 in the regular season, but suffering elimination in the Round of 16 in the playoffs of the competition. In the qualifying matches of the RDS Video Games Cup, One Unit managed to win their group without suffering any defeats. However, two of their three games have been decided by just one small goal. Now that the elimination rounds are starting, the team should be more dominant.


They are probably the favorite team to claim top honors at the RDS Video Games Cup at the time of this writing. During their qualifying matches, Legacy showed everyone that they were both an offensive powerhouse, but above all, defensive. In three games, they scored 15 goals and allowed none. Their three victories were scored 3-0 (against Les glorieux), 6-0 (against LEH Vegas Golden Knights) and 6-0 (against Tolerance). Moreover, this last 6-0 win against Tolerance says a lot since they were the ones who eliminated One Unit during the playoffs of the Ducks tournament.

Anaheim Ducks Gaming

Like Legacy, the Anaheim Ducks Gaming also posted a +15 goal differential in qualifying games. They recorded two easy 7-0 wins, but struggled against Vigilance, who they eventually defeated 4-3. At their own tournament (the Anaheim Ducks 6-on-6), they’re currently looking good as they take on Composure, a powerhouse on the EASHL 6-on-6 pro scene, in the quarter-finals. Given their experience and their collective success, they will be taken seriously and watched during the next rounds of the RDS Video Games Cup.

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