NHL 23 launches worldwide tomorrow, available now with the X-Factor Edition

Purchase the X-Factor Edition to unlock a HUT Spotlight Choice Pack and other in-game rewards, plus access to the game ahead of tomorrow’s global launch.

Get a closer look at all the new features and updates coming to NHL 23 gameplay and your favorite game modes!

NHL 23 is open for early access ahead of global launch on October 14. Buy the X-Factor Edition to start playing now, plus get a Spotlight HUT Choice Pack (choose from 1 of 10) and the following rewards:

• 4,600 NHL points

• Double right

• X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack (1 of 4)

• HUT X-Factor Player Pick Pack (1 of 18)

• HUT X-Factor Power-Up Starter Pack (Instant)

• 5 World of Chel X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks (Instant)

• Signed Sarah Nurse World of Chel jersey (digital)

X Factor Updates

NHL 23 introduces two all-new X-Factors to showcase the world-class skills of our two cover athletes. Sarah Nurse’s X-Factor is called ‘Relentless’, and it increases your ability to shoot and pass while off balance, reflecting just how prolific a scorer Nurse is. Trevor Zegras’ move, « Skilled Up, » brings a whole new skill move to the game: his famous reverse pass over the net.

Last chance puck move

Bringing a whole new layer of authenticity and realism to the game, Last Chance Puck Movement introduces 500 new animations based on player contact types and last minute games of desperation. These new animations mirror real hockey and actual ice games to develop and enhance this specific – and important – area of ​​play.

NHL 23


NHL 23 also brings more control over every action on the ice with updated strategies. Now included are the 1-3-1 power play and the shorthanded 1-1-2, which counters the aforementioned 1-3-1. New Assisted Strategies sends an in-game pop-up to let players know if it might be worth changing their strategy mid-game.

franchise mode

A much-requested feature is coming to Franchise Mode: Custom Leagues. Become the real commissioner of your league by customizing almost all configuration options: choose the number of teams (6 to 48), divisions (2 to 8) and conferences in your league. Plus, you can even change the minimum and maximum salary cap for maximum control over your dream league.

NHL 23

Cross-platform matchmaking

Cross-platform matchmaking is coming NHL 23 in a post-launch update later this year, and it will revolutionize the way you play online. Players from the same console generation will be able to play against each other in World of Chel and Ultimate Team online modes. This will reduce wait times in matchmaking by turning four matchmaking pools into two.

Online or Online Backup Lines and Strategies

No one likes having to set up their lines and strategies every time they go into online versus mode, so NHL 23 introduces a new feature that allows you to save your lines and strategies. Jump into games faster and be ready for any opponent.

Ultimate team

HUT Players

For the first time ever, Ultimate Team expands the available players even further with the introduction of female IIHF players and mixed female and male HUT rosters. You will now have more options than ever when building your HUT team, with the best players in the world available. NHL 23 content and live events will incorporate both male and female players, so the best players from both leagues will be recognized with special player items.

NHL 23

hut rivals

In an effort to provide more incentives to play (and win), a new immediate reward structure for HUT Rivals is being introduced: win-based rewards. If you get a win streak in HUT Rivals, you’ll get an additional reward on top of your regular reward immediately after each win. The higher your division, the better the additional reward.

NHL 23 Officially launches October 14 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and is available now for those who purchase the X-Factor Edition. Invite your friends and get ready for the most dynamic, connected and visually rich version of Chel to date.

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