NHL 21: Miviens advance to Maple Leafs tournament finals


With 21 wins and 9 losses in qualifying games, miviens managed to advance to the final rounds of the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 21 tournament.

In 1v1 matches, the few hundred participants had to compete in order to determine the top-20 players who would be eligible for the draft for the final round.

Indeed, four teams of 6 against 6 will be formed among the top-20 players of each console, for a total of four teams on PS4 and four others on XBOX One.

The winning teams from each console will win a sum of $ 4,500, in addition to an entry ticket for the Grand Final, pitting the best team against each console. The team that wins the Grand Final will pocket $ 12,000, for a total grand prize of $ 21,000, or $ 3,500 to each player.

In addition to Miviens, Quebecers Samuel “Canadian-27” Landry and François-Xavier Boily (BoilyHp) also qualified for the final rounds of the competition.

Tuesday, it will also be place in the draft among the 20 best players on PS4. On Friday, the four teams formed will face off to determine who will advance to the grand final.

On the XBOX One side, the qualifying rounds will begin on February 2 and will run until 14. February 16 will take place the draft, under the same formula as that held on the PS4 and on February 19, it will be up to the console finale.

The grand final between the best 6v6 team on PS4 and its counterpart on XBOX One will be held on February 26th.

Matches can be streamed on Maple Leafs Gaming’s Twitch channel.


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