NHL 21 is on sale at 50% off right now


The first NHL video game was released in 1991 and was called NHL Hockey.

In 1992, EA Sports launched NHLPA Hockey 93 and then, starting in 1993, the company always released a version of the game for the year ahead. For example, in 1998 EA Sports launched NHL 99. It never missed a year, going out even a new edition during the three lock-outs that have been decreed.

NHL 21, the most recent version of the popular video game, launched a month ago, on October 16.

NHL games have been very popular around the world for years.

Each copy typically sells for $ 70 to $ 80 in Canada.

On the other hand, many people have decided in recent years not to buy the most recent version which came out in the fall because it was not different enough from the old one. And this year, with hockey interest on the decline – there is no season – and the accompanying COVID-19 crisis, sales don’t appear to be very good.

As a result, Best Buy Canada is now offering the game on Xbox One and PS4 for $ 39.99.

(Credit: HabsEtLNH.com/ screenshot)

To purchase it at 50% of the regular price, click HERE.

It is also found at this price on Walmart.ca.

Note that EA Sports has not launched a PS5 or Xbox Series version of NHL 21. Maybe some people have already unplugged their PS4 to replace it with a PS5?

According to Michael Viens, a professional online player, NHL 21 still offers a good set of new features and improvements to the game. gameplay on the ice. He gives it a score of 8 out of 10 … admitting, however, that he is looking forward to NHL 22 to see what will offer EA with the tools of the new generation of consoles

The initial find goes to Mario J. Ramos of the Video Games section of RDS.ca.

Are you going to buy a copy for Christmas? It can make a nice, inexpensive gift …

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