NHL 21, F1 Esports and LoL Worlds tournaments

This week at 5-7, we’re talking about NHL21, the RDS Video Games Cup, F1 Esports and the League of Legends Worlds. October is always a busy month in the world of eSports, and this year is no exception!

Back to LAN for the Ultimate Championship NHL 21

For many regulars at tournaments and LANs, the pandemic has put the brakes on several opportunities to play alongside teammates and in front of spectators. In September, the Ultimate Championship tournament brought, with all the sanitary measures required, a little adrenaline to several players who went to the Delta in downtown Montreal to play the semi-finals and finals. The tournament offered a total of $ 10,000 in purses for the players and the Quebec leagues behind the winning teams.

Six on six tournaments are increasingly popular within the NHL community; each team member controls a player on the ice, including the goalie, which eliminates artificial intelligence entirely from the game. Despite the continuous improvement of the game, players each year find ways to exploit weaknesses artificial intelligence to their advantage in one-on-one clashes, which is not possible when all players on the ice are controlled.

It was ultimately the Olympia team that took home the honors as well as a $ 4,000 purse in a hotly contested final against the LHQSP All-Star # 2 team. You can watch the Ultimate Championship NHL 21 Grand Final here.

The return of the RDS Video Games Cup

After the monster success of 2020, the RDS Video Games Cup is back for a second edition. Last year, nearly 225 teams registered for XBOX One and Playstation 4, for a total of more than 1,350 players! $ 6,000 in gift cards will be awarded to the winning teams, which will undoubtedly attract well-known players to the Canadian NHL21 scene. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Nationals and Ground N Pound back this year to defend their title.

For all the details about the 2021 edition of the RDS Video Games Cup and how to register, go here.

Qualifying for F1 Esports Series 2022 begins

Qualifying will begin this week for the 2022 edition of the F1 Esports Series. Launched in 2018, the series offers virtual Grand Prix alongside real track events. However, it was not until 2019 that Ferrari joined the 9 other teams to make the annual event the real success it is experiencing. The 12 events divided into 4 phases of 3 races have accumulated more than 30 million viewers through its TV and online broadcasts in 2020.

All players owning a copy of F1 Esports 2021 can qualify for the 2022 edition. To do this, they immerse themselves in a scenario prepared for the occasion: They play the driver Carlos Sainz, driving a ferrari on the circuit of Russia. With a few laps to go, players need to move from 5th place to the best possible result.

The Red Bull Racing Esports team dominated the 2021 season, collecting over 320 points. With the return of Frede Rasmussen and Marcel Kiefer, as well as the addition of DHL Virtual’s fastest lap winner in 2020, Liam Parnell, let’s bet the team will once again be impressive on the track.

Full details on the F1 Esports Series format can be found here.

Hard start for the West at League of Legends Worlds

According to the qualification phases Play-Ins, the group stages are underway in Iceland. After three days of activities, we can see the domination of the teams from the East, in particular from China and Korea.

If this ranking were final, no team from Europe or North America would advance to the playoffs. As of Friday October 15, the groups will conclude in order, one group per day. Given the presence of two world champion teams in Group A, the odds of Cloud 9 seem very slim, which leaves North America’s hope in Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Fnatic seems to be having a lot of trouble, besides not having their starting ADC in the lineup. For their part, the supporters of Europe will have to wish a convincing performance from MAD Lions to hope to see one of their representatives spinning in the playoffs.

If the dire scenario in which no team from Europe or North America would finish 1st or 2nd in their group were to occur, it would undoubtedly be a catastrophic conclusion for the teams in the West and of their amateurs. For a full review of qualifying, especially Cloud 9, you can read my colleague Fred “Classic” Nolet’s most recent analysis here.

Here is the summary of the news of this week in the world of electronic sport during the most recent column of the 5 to 7.

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