NFL: Zach Wilson reportedly suffers from ligament injury to his knee

NEW YORK – New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is believed to be suffering from a posterior cruciate ligament injury in his right knee, according to what theAssociated Press, which would keep him out of the game for at least two weeks.

THE’Associated Press obtained this information from someone familiar with the diagnosis. A magnetic resonance imaging test suffered on Monday would have confirmed the extent of the injury.

Wilson was injured in the second quarter in Sunday’s 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots, when struck by linebacker Matt Judon, who fell on his leg.

The team had advanced ligament strain, an injury confirmed by Monday’s test.

ESPN first reported the results of the magnetic resonance.

Mike White made his debut in the NFL after Wilson’s injury. He’s the one who should be the Jets starter while Wilson is away. Josh Johnson, who is part of the club’s training roster, is expected to assist him.

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