NFL: will this be Jimmy Garoppolo’s last game with the 49ers against the Cowboys?

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Pre-game 49ers v. Cowboys

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Jimmy Garoppolo’s long-term future as a 49ers quarterback has been in question since the organization traded three first-round picks in the spring to get hold of Trey Lance.

However, it is Garoppolo who will lead the 49ers in their playoff match against the Cowboys in Arlington on Sunday. It could be, once again, his last departure with San Francisco.

« You always think about it a little bit, » Garoppolo said Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about it all season. I knew what kind of season it was going to be, I knew what was going on behind the scenes and what was not. So it’s a little different. But you have to stay focused because you don’t want to get too emotional. You just have to play football, but the human aspect definitely comes into play. « 

Garoppolo led Kyle Shanahan’s attack effectively, but was far from spectacular. He’s averaged 8.6 yards per attempt this season and completed 20 touchdown passes. He made 11 interceptions. For the most part, the quarterback relied on short passes and let his teammates make explosive plays.

The 49ers kept their faith in Garoppolo through some slumps early in the season. They stayed focused on their plan to stay competitive this season with him as a starter, while giving Lance the time needed to develop.

“We thought Jimmy was giving us a better chance of winning and we wanted to give Trey more time, not just for him, but also for our team,” said Shanahan.

Garoppolo is hoping for better performance in the playoffs than he was two years ago. The 49ers advanced to the Super Bowls thanks to tight defense and dominant ground play. The quarterback attempted just 27 passes for 208 yards against Minnesota and Green Bay.

He then played well in the first three quarters of the Super Bowl; he put the 49ers in position to win, ahead by 10 points, before the crush in the last quarter.

He has a chance to redeem himself and extend his time with the 49ers for a few weeks or maybe another season, if things go extremely well.

“I love this team, I love the players, I love everything about the organization,” said Garoppolo. We want to go as far as possible. « 

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