NFL: Weekly Covid-19 Tests For Players

NFL: Weekly Covid-19 Tests For Players

In order to follow the protocols revised by the NFL and the Players’ Association, all players who have fully received doses of the covid-19 vaccine will be tested weekly.

The Players’ Association and the NFL have agreed to apply weekly testing to all of these fully vaccinated players instead of the two-week (14-day) testing. This rule is also valid for level I and level 2 personnel already vaccinated. A fully vaccinated player will even be able to join his team before the results of the weekly tests. However, all of these unvaccinated players will undergo daily testing.

During the trips, the barrier gestures must be followed by the members of the delegation. They will have to wear their masks during the trip (if they are going on a trip) and also during the consumption of food. On the other hand, those who are not vaccinated, will not be able to carry out neither public transport, nor private transport (players / staff).

Only the 7% of players will suffer this fate because the NFL had previously stated that 93% of players are already vaccinated against covid-19.

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