Three games were played yesterday for Thanksgiving and the away teams all won. The Bears saved Matt Nagy’s lead in Detroit, the Raiders won a superb offensive battle in overtime in Dallas, and the Bills largely dominated their subject in New Orleans.

Detroit Lions (0-10-1) 14 – Chicago Bears (4-7) 16

  • Thanksgiving day did not start with the most beautiful poster, and as one would expect, the two teams still struggled, especially offensively. Both Detroit and Chicago came in with less than 17 points scored on average, and it took 16 to win yesterday. Matt Nagy, who is in the hot seat despite what he thinks, saves his head thanks to a field-goal at the last second.
  • We want to be patient with the Lions, who have a new coach and who clearly lack talent, but they cannot lose games like that. The errors were legion yesterday, whether on the part of the players or the coach. The number of penalties against the Lions was far too important (10 for 67 yards), and we have seen Detroit’s attack several times against 3rd & 30 +… Another aspect that was expensive, the decisions at the end of match, in particular on the choice of time-outs.
  • Holder in place of Justin Fields (injured), Andy Dalton alternated the good and the less good. He thus missed many passes, but also knew how to manage the final drive which leads to the victorious field-goal after more than 8 minutes of possession. Dalton finished with 317 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. WR Darnell Mooney signs a second game in a row over 100 yards (123 yards, 1 TD).
  • On the ground but not 100%, Jared Goff did not take any risk yesterday. His rate of successful passes is very good (21/25), but he only gains 171 yards and scores 2 touchdowns. The exit of the Lions’ top offensive player, RB D’Andre Swift, did not help.

Dallas Cowboys (7-4) 33 – Las Vegas Raiders (6-5) 36

  • In free fall in the last 3 games (3 losses), the Raiders reacted well on the Dallas field. Derek Carr thus found his arm, which did so much damage at the beginning of the season. The QB started his game with a 56-yard touchdown pass for DeSean Jackson, then he was excellent the rest of the game. Carr finished with 373 yards, 1 touchdown and no loss of ball. Two Las Vegas WR have more than 100 yards: Hunter Renfrow (123) and DeSean Jackson (102).
  • Without Amari Cooper or CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys have shown they have superb squad depth. Michael Gallup (106 yards) and Cedrick Wilson (104 yards) have thus taken over to help a Dak Prescott generally inspired (375 yards, 2 TD). RB Tony Pollard was also important, and he restarted the game in the second half with his touchdown from 100 yards on a kickoff return.
  • This match was marked by a rather incredible indiscipline, since a total of 28 penalties were called, 14 against each team. In total, the Raiders fell 110 yards and the Cowboys 166 yards. For Dallas, CB Anthony Brown had a bad evening, with 4 penalties whistled against him, the most important of which in overtime and which allows Las Vegas to find itself in an ideal position to win.

New Orleans Saints (5-6) 6 – Buffalo Bills (7-4) 31

  • Nice reaction from the Bills after last week’s loss, and the score could have been even larger without Josh Allen’s 2 interceptions in 1time half time. Aside from those two ball losses, the QB was good, with 260 yards and 4 touchdowns in the air and 43 yards on the ground. Stefon Diggs (7 receptions, 74 yards, 1 TD) and Dawson Knox (32 yards, 2 TD) still shone in the body of receivers.
  • The two defenses showed great things in this match between contenders for the playoffs. The Bills have regained their solidity, thanks in particular to a fierce front-seven yesterday. The Saints’ ground game never could find its rhythm and Trevor Siemian had it tough the whole game. The New Orleans defense was no slouch and kept the team in the game in 1time half-time, in particular thanks to the 2 interceptions.
  • Unfortunately for NOLA, the attack never managed to take advantage of the good work of the defense. In 1time halftime, the Saints display only 64 offensive yards and 0 points. The many injured are clearly missing and Trevor Siemian (163 yards, 1 TD – 1 INT) is not armed for big comebacks. On an evening where Drew Brees was honored by the franchise, nostalgia had to be in order for New Orleans fans.