NFL: Washington Commanders accused of financial embezzlement

Non-reimbursement of security deposits, concealment of income … The Washington Commanders NFL franchise has practiced various financial embezzlements, lawmakers in the United States Congress said on Tuesday, which warned the Federal Trade Commission. The main House of Representatives investigative committee said the frauds were uncovered, on the sidelines of an investigation into the club’s allegedly toxic work environment.

Lawmakers said the Commanders defrauded « thousands » of customers, as well as the powerhouse Professional Football League (NFL). According to them, emails, documents and testimonials from former employees attest that the club intentionally withheld millions of dollars in refundable deposits owed to fans and hid revenue that should have been paid to the NFL under the rules of the game. division in force. The evidence uncovered by the committee was sent to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


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« These findings relating to possible financial misconduct suggest that under the leadership of owner Dan Snyder, the depredation is much deeper than imagined.said commission chair Carolyn Maloney. This further heightens the concern that this franchise has been able to operate with impunity for far too long.« .

Dan Snyder may also have fooled the team’s fans and the NFL

« This new information suggests that in addition to fostering a hostile work culture, Dan Snyder may also have misled the team’s fans and the NFL. I hope the FTC looks into this financially troubling operation and determines if further action is needed.“, she added.

The commission she chairs said it learned of the alleged wrongdoing after an interview with a former Commanders business executive, Jason Friedman, last month. « Jason Friedman described a set of very concerning business practices sponsored in high places, including Dan Snyder, » the body said in a statement.

These allegations are the latest in a long line that has rocked the Commanders. In February, a former employee of the team notably claimed to have been sexually harassed by Dan Snyder, which he strongly disputed. At the same time, his team had just changed its nickname, having abandoned the previous one (Redskins), with racial connotations, in 2020.


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