NFL – Voluntary in-person training: Tom Brady pleads with players to stay united

Tom Brady joins his voice with that of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) in his fight against voluntary in-person training.

During an NFLPA conference call Friday, Brady pleaded with players to stand united in their fight to exercise their right not to attend voluntary practice in person this offseason, NFL Network reports.

“We, the players, are big boys. We can take care of us. The only way to take a new stand is to stand united, ”Brady said.

During his speech, Brady pointed out that the NFL is the only professional league to organize “too competitive” drills during the offseason.

« There is not a (coronation) professional baseball player who throws fastballs at 95 mph in mid-December, » Brady reportedly said according to the NFL Network.

A total of 21 NFL teams have skipped voluntary in-person training that was scheduled to begin in April. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of an “adequate protocol” motivated their decision.

The NFLPA wants a postponement of in-person training until the start of training camps.

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