NFL Twitter applauds Gus Johnson’s return to the game with Aqib Talib


Gus Johnson is back to broadcast NFL games and Twitter is thrilled with it.

Johnson, who last called up an NFL game in 2010, and former All-Pro cornerback Aqib Talib were paired for Fox’s regional broadcast of Sunday’s Vikings-Cardinals game in Glendale, Ariz. . It was the second broadcast in as many days for Johnson, who also played a game for Saturday’s college football game between Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Viewers have long relished Johnson’s commentary because of his energy and the way he screams in excitement about the pieces, even though they aren’t explosive or meaningful. They heard the excitement in the first minute of the game on Sunday when Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​completed a 64-yard touchdown pass to receiver KJ Osborn.

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Later, Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray completed a 77-yard pass to receiver Rondale Moore for a touchdown, a game that is in itself exciting. But Johnson took it a step further, adding his own flair and calling Murray « natural. »

A look at Johnson’s return to the league with Talib by his side.

Gus Johnson’s return to professional football

Fox announced on August 2 that Johnson and Talib would call some NFL games this season. The Athletic has announced that two of those games will take place in Weeks 3 and 4 and Johnson « will likely do a handful more later in the season based on NFL and college schedules. »

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This is the first time Johnson has done play-by-play for professional football since 2010, when he was a contract employee of CBS. He gained national recognition by announcing the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament for this network. His call for UCLA’s 17-point comeback on Gonzaga in 2006 was one of the most memorable moments.

Since joining Fox in 2011, Johnson has been a leading college football and basketball announcer. He told The Athletic he would balance college football with the NFL; he will call Saturday’s game between Notre Dame and Wisconsin in Chicago, then fly to Jacksonville, Fla., to broadcast the Jaguars’ game against the Cardinals on Sunday.

Johnson’s style – which includes great enthusiasm and catchy phrases like ‘rise and fire’ and ‘Oh my God! – is a breath of fresh air in the NFL broadcast.

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“I want the NFL stuff to be done by the start of the week,” Johnson told Awful Annoncing of how he would prepare for double duty. “When I get to college town, I’ll be focusing on the college game and putting the tables and lists together. I do all of this at the same time. It is an incredible opportunity. It’s my job. This is my love. This is my passion. I am really a lucky guy to have the opportunity to watch football and there are a lot of people in this world who love football.  »

Johnson will be joined on NFL broadcasts by Talib, who also received positive reviews on Sunday for his commentary (and style) as an analyst.


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