NFL: top teams down

In all likelihood, the top NFL teams have experienced some slack in the past few weeks.

At least this is the opinion of the football expert of the TVA Sports network Denis Casavant, who made this observation in the most recent podcast « Du champ gauche ».

« It looks like there is a relaxation and less attention to detail, » analyzed the journalist. The focus in training may not be there. When you start your season strong, everyone is motivated and wants to get off to a good start. There, we come to the time of the year when we realize that there is still a lot of football to play. « 

« There is a slack in the teams that have had a good start to the season and are currently leading their section. »

To support his arguments, Casavant returns in particular to embarrassing defeats suffered by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys.

Impressed by the « Pats »

Conversely, Casavant said he was frankly impressed with the New England Patriots’ comeback.

Head coach Bill Belichick’s team outscored the Cleveland Browns 45-7 last Sunday for a fourth straight win. The outfit of young quarterback Mac Jones also caught Casavant’s attention.

“Obviously, Mac Jones doesn’t regularly amass 350 or 400 yards, but he gets the wins. That is the most important! »

The host also compared the performance of the pivot of the « Pats » with that of other quarterbacks selected in the first round of the last draft of the NFL.

“The first four pivots drafted have a combined record of five wins and 18 losses. Meanwhile, Mac Jones has six wins and four losses. ”

-Casavant also spoke of Cam Newton’s victorious return to the Carolina Panthers and also looked back on the Université de Montréal Carabins’ victory over the Université Laval Rouge et Or at the Dunsmore Cup.

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