NFL: Tom Brady to extend with the Buccaneers


According to ESPN, Tom Brady, who will be 44 years old in August, is preparing to sign for four more years with Tampa Bay, but the last three are voidable and are only intended to spread his salary, in order to reduce the payroll already of the team. Concretely, his current contract running until the end of the 2021 season, he is sure to play with the Bucs one more year until 2022. The quarterback will then be 45 years old, the age at which he has regularly said that he wanted to continue playing.

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This should allow the Buccaneers to save, for their payroll, 19 million dollars, on Brady’s salary for the 2021 season, and to spend more to retain important players like defenders Shaquil Barrett and Ndamukong Suh or the wide receiver. Rob Gronkowski. A month ago, Brady and his teammates crushed the Kansas City Chiefs (31-9) under Patrick Mahomes, in the championship final. This coronation was the first for the star in the Bucs jersey, he who was champion six times in twenty years with the New England Patriots.


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