NFL: Tom Brady and Buccaneers silenced by Saints


TAMPA, Fla. –The New Orleans Saints defense wiped out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense and saw the Saints win 9-0 against the Super Bowl champions on Sunday night.

Despite the absence of their head coach, Sean Payton, the Saints (7-7) defeated the Buccaneers (10-4) for the seventh straight season in the regular season. This is the fourth time since Brady’s arrival in 2020.

The Saints swept away the two-game series against their rivals in the Southern section of the National Association. The Buccaneers’ loss forced them to wait at least another week to confirm their first section championship title since 2007.

The Buccaneers, who won a playoff game in New Orleans last January on their Super Bowl journey, lead the section by three games with three weeks of activity remaining in the regular season.

Defense coordinator Dennis Allen took on the head coach role for the game due to the absence of Payton who tested positive for COVID-19. The Saints dismantled best offense, best aerial play, and ended Tom Brady’s 255-starter streak with at least one point.

Brady leads the NFL in several areas: number of passes attempted, number of successful passes, overhead yards and number of touchdown passes. He completed 26 of his 48 passes for a gain of 213 yards and saw one of his passes intercept. It’s Brady’s eighth intercepted pass this season. The winner of Super Bowl seven suffered four sacks and was fumbled.

For the Saints, quarterback Taysom Hill completed 13 of 27 passes for 154 yards. His team made no turnaround. The Saints’ nine points came from the foot of kicker Brett Maher, who had three field goals.

The Saints have won the title of the Southern Section of the National Association on every occasion since 2017.

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