NFL: three big names on their departure

Even if the NFL offseason is rather late, a few well-known players could still change addresses, those who have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with their organization.

-Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Probably the longest-running feud in football, Aaron Rodgers has openly criticized decisions made by the management of the Green Bay Packers on more than one occasion in recent years. The quarterback was not happy with the selection of pivot Jordan Love in the first round (26th overall) of the 2020 draft, he who wanted to add a player who would have helped him win immediately.

More recently, just before the 2021 amateur auction presentation, at the end of April, the 37-year-old reportedly told teammates and staff that he would not be back. unless General Manager Brian Gutekunst is fired.

On Monday, Rodgers did not show up at Lambeau Field, where the third phase of the Packers’ training camp began. According to ESPN, the winner of the Most Valuable Player trophy in 2020 regularly participated in such activities organized by his organization in previous years.

Rodgers has even indicated that the Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos are among the teams he would like to be traded on.

-Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Houston Texans

Legal issues for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could hamper a trade in the immediate future, but the 25-year-old expressed his displeasure with his organization before accusations of sexual misconduct against him became public . He would still like to play elsewhere.

Watson made the request after Nick Caserio was hired as chief executive in January. Like Rodgers, Watson will not participate in the next phase of training camp for his people, according to the NFL Network.

Watson did, however, sign a four-season contract worth $ 156 million in September and new management have indicated they are keen to keep their star player, even going so far as to refuse to speak with other teams about the matter. of his protege.

-Julio Jones, wide receiver, Atlanta Falcons

Unlike Watson and Rodgers, there is nothing to suggest there is an argument between wide receiver Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons. However, the Georgia roster needs to create space under the salary cap to sign its recruits and the 32-year-old has asked to be compromised, according to the NFL Network.

However, a trade involving the star receiver could not occur before June 1.

“I’m out of this,” Jones told FOX Sports on Monday of Atlanta.

“I just want to win,” he added when asked where he would like to pursue his career.

Jones has been one of the most dominant receivers since joining the league. Among other things, he led the NFL in passing yards during the 2015 and 2018 seasons.

A few teams have reportedly inquired about Jones’ availability, but the Falcons would ask for a first-round pick, ESPN said, priced too high according to interested organizations.

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