NFL – State of the Forces: After Christmas, we don’t give each other gifts anymore in the NFL!

Each week, the presents the State of forces in the NFL. This ranking is based on the performance of the teams during the last weeks of activities and on the movements of personnel.

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Rankings at the end of the 15th week of activities in the NFL

1) Buffalo Bills : Record of 12-3. (Last week ranking: 2nd)

Already a fifth game of two interceptions for Josh Allen this season. It didn’t affect the outcome of the game against a weak team like the Bears, but in the playoffs it could make all the difference.

2) Philadelphia Eagles : Record of 13-2. (Last week ranking: 1st)

The team record will wait. Without Jalen Hurts, the Eagles still put 34 points on the board. In this regard, it is a little difficult to blame Gardner Minshew. For his three turnovers, it’s a different story.

3) Cincinnati Bengals : Record of 11-4. (Last week ranking: 3rd)

Joe Burrow was sparkling in the first half, but much less thereafter. Fortunately, the slope was too steep to climb for the Pats. Seventh win in a row. The last two games of the season will be more difficult, however. The Bills will want to protect home-court advantage in the playoffs and the Ravens will want to try to afford the division.

4) Kansas City Chiefs : Record of 12-3. (Last week ranking: 4th)

Patrick Mahomes continues his MVP-worthy season. With his two touchdown passes inside the 10 line against the Seahawks, he brings his total to 24 in such circumstances. Only Peyton Manning (25 in 2013) and Aaron Rodgers (29 in 2020) have done better. Both earned MVP honors that year.

5) San Francisco 49ers : Record of 11-4. (Last week ranking: 5th)

Only two players started their careers 3-0 with more than one touchdown pass in each of their first three starts. Kurt Warner and Brocky Purdy. Not bad for an undrafted player and a Mr. Irrelevant.

6) Dallas Cowboys : Record of 11-4. (Last week ranking: 6th)

The Cowboys are capable of the best and the worst. After two disappointing weeks, Dallas rebounded by defeating the best team in the league. Yes, without their starting quarterback, but that doesn’t affect the Cowboys’ offensive performance!

7) Minnesota Vikings : Record of 12-3. (Last week ranking: 7th)

Is Justin Jefferson dominant? Let’s put it this way. Jefferson is the leader with 24 games of more than 100 career yards for a player who played four seasons in the NFL. There are two games left in Season #3 for Jefferson. And what about Greg Joseph’s 61-yard field goal!?

8) Los Angeles Chargers : Record of 9-6. (Last week ranking: 8th)

The Chargers are now qualified for the playoffs with this victory over the Colts. By the way, Austin Ekeler brought his touchdown harvest to 16 this season after 20 last year. He could become the first player since Todd Gurley in 2017 and 2018 to lead the league two seasons in a row.

9) Baltimore Ravens : Record of 10-5. (Last week ranking: 11th)

Strongly the return to the game of Lamar Jackson. The Ravens are confident of seeing him back for Week 17 in a matchup against the Steelers. Luckily Baltimore was facing the Falcons, the division title hope still lives on. As for the series, it’s done!

10) Jacksonville Jaguars : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 16th)

Your new AFC South Division point guards. With the Titans losing, regardless of the outcome of either team’s next game, it will all come down to Week 18 in a clash between the two teams. The Jags playing their best football or the Titans in total rout?

11) New York Giants : Record of 8-6-1. (Last week ranking: 12th)

The Giants have their destiny in their hands. A victory against the poor Colts or against the Eagles who should rest their starters and it’s a return to the playoffs after six years of absence. Friendly advice, do not take a photo on a boat this time.

12) Detroit Lions : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 9th)

The Achilles heel of the Lions has been simple this season. Defense. Once again, Detroit was miserable on this facet of the game and the Lions’ playoff hopes took a hit.

13) Miami Dolphins : Sheet of 8-7. (Last week ranking: 10th)

Catastrophe among the Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa is still in the concussion protocol. Strangely, he did not leave the game to find his way. Tua’s play in the second half led many to believe that he suffered a concussion before returning to the locker room for the half. If so, how could it have eluded the doctors again?

14) Green Bay Packers : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 22nd)

You know the meme « So you’re saying there’s a chance? » from the film The Bell and the Idiot (Dumb and Dumber). At 4-8 it seemed dead, beating the Vikings and Lions the current Packers odds would be 64% according to the site PlayoffStatus. Hope gives life.

15) Washington Commanders : Sheet of 7-7-1. (Last week ranking: 14th)

The challenge was colossal against the Niners, the result was predictable. Now onto the Browns and the Cowboys. A defeat against the Browns and the Commanders’ playoff chances drop to 11%. A victory and we increase to 57%. Obviously, we are talking about numbers, the best is to win on the field!

16) Seattle Seahawks : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 15th)

The return to earth continues for the Seahawks who now have five losses in their last six games. We will have to stop the fall now to hope to be on the playoff calendar.

17) Tennessee Titans : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 13th)

The worst is finally confirmed for Ryan Tannehill. Season over for him. Derrick Henry is hit with a hip injury and with an uneventful Thursday night matchup for the Titans, it would be a surprise to see him. Defeat or victory against Dallas, everything will be decided against the Jaguars in Week 18.

18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 21st)

Crucial overtime win for the Bucs over the Cardinals as the Panthers and Saints also picked up the win. Again, we can’t call it a convincing game for Tom Brady, but it remains a 14th overtime win, a mark he now shares with Drew Brees.

19) Pittsburgh Steelers : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 23rd)

Thanks to another Raiders collapse that opens the door to another Steelers season beyond the .500 mark. If the Steelers are lucky, they could avoid Lamar Jackson (if the already-qualified Ravens play it safe) and end the season against the Browns who are hardly more impressive with Deshaun Watson. Suddenly, those two wins could give them a paltry 7% chance of making the playoffs.

20) Las Vegas Raiders : Sheet of 6-9. (Last week ranking: 17th)

Remember Sean McVay’s 45-0 record to start his career when his team was leading at halftime? Well the Raiders have now lost five games they were leading at halftime…this season!

21) New England Patriots : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 18th)

The Pats put themselves in so much more trouble than necessary by losing to the Raiders last week. The scenario is Pats is pretty simple, one win and one loss and it’s a measly 4% chance of making the playoffs. Two victories and it’s guaranteed qualification. Who are the opponents? Dolphins and Bills. Oh.

22) New York Jets : Sheet of 7-8. (Last week ranking: 19th)

Good news, Mike White will be back at his post to finish the season and dream of the playoffs. Bad news: Zach Wilson is bad and the Jets still don’t have a franchise quarterback. There is always the CFL for Wilson, he who was beaten by a former CFL player…

23) New Orleans Saints : Sheet of 6-9. (Last week ranking: 248th)

Second straight victory for the Saints against the Browns. Unfortunately, New Orleans will face the Eagles who will want to secure their division title. One loss and it’s over. As long as there is life, there is hope, but we doubt it.

24) Cleveland Browns : Sheet of 6-9. (Last week ranking: 20th)

There is the benefit of the doubt for Deshaun Watson when it comes to his performance on the pitch. Let’s say that for the moment it is 230 million guaranteed not very well spent. With a prep off-season and less rust in the system, 2023 will no doubt be better.

25) Los Angeles Rams : Sheet of 5-10. (Last week ranking: 26th)

For the first time in his career, Rams kicker Riley Dixon didn’t have to step on the field to make a punt, thanks to the Broncos’ generous disorganized defense and the 51 points scored by THE.

26) Carolina Panthers : Sheet of 6-9. (Last week ranking: 28th)

320 rushing yards and three touchdowns. This is how to win a game for Carolina. Incredible crop of 570 aerial yards. Technically, the division is still takeable, especially with two games in the division to wrap up the season. This is to say the weakness of the division when the 26th team of the State of forces can be crowned champion.

27) Atlanta Falcons : Sheet of 5-10. (Last week ranking: 25th)

The Falcons’ 10th loss confirms Atlanta won’t be in the playoffs this season. Even with two wins at the end of the season, the tiebreakers would not go in favor of the Falcons. Until then, review mode with Desmond Ridder.

28) Indianapolis Colts : Sheet of 4-10-1. (Last week ranking: 27th)

It was just math, but the Colts are officially out of playoff contention. When you know more turnovers than points scored…

29) Denver Broncos : Record 4-11. (Last week ranking: 29th)

And There you go! The 11th defeat was too much for Nathaniel Hackett. It was only enough to lose by 37 points to get there! What a failure this passage. A dismissal that came 10 games too late.

30) Arizona Cardinals : Record 4-11. (Last week ranking: 30th)

We could talk about the Cardinals’ 11th loss of the season, but the only thing I want to say is thank you to JJ Watt for his great years in the NFL. An immense player for his game on the field, but even greater for his leadership within his community. The Texans should retire his jersey.

31) Chicago Bears : Sheet 3-12. (Last week ranking: 31st)

More of the same, this time, without even a floor performance from Justin Fields. In short, a lot of work in Chicago during the off-season.

32) Houston Texans : Sheet of 2-12-1. (Last week ranking: 32nd)

Two moral victories… followed by a victory! The Texans took advantage of a team in freefall in front of them to offer themselves a second victory in 2022. The best part is that it does not affect their selection rank in the next draft.

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