NFL – State of forces: Quietly, the NFC East is sent to make history

NFL – State of Forces – Week 12

Each week, the presents the State of forces in the NFL. This ranking is based on the performance of the teams during the last weeks of activities and on the movements of personnel.

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Standings at the end of the 11th week of activities in the NFL

1) Philadelphia Eagles : Record of 10-1. (Last week ranking: 1st)

The defense let the Packers believe it way too much. The ground attack was masterful with a harvest of 363 yards, including 300 between Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders. Will the offense be able to close the door when it counts at the end of the season and in the playoffs. Next week, the Eagles could already confirm their place in the playoffs with a win and losses to a few teams.

2) Kansas City Chiefs : Record of 9-2. (Last week ranking: 2nd)

Match without too much history against Rams in total rout. A usual short 300-yard game from Patrick Mahomes for his 59th victory in his 75th start, an NFL record. Let’s just say the Chiefs could have pushed a lot harder, but it just wasn’t necessary.

3) Minnesota Vikings : Record of 9-2. (Last week ranking: 3rd)

Another game by less than one possession, another victory, the Vikes’ 8-0 record under these circumstances. Questions surrounding the true value of the Vikings are legitimate, but Minnesota’s losses have come against teams that are 18-4. We are not talking about celery stalks, the problem is that they were DOMINATED in these matches.

4) Miami Dolphins : Record of 8-3. (Last week ranking: 5th)

There are trap matches against teams from the bottom of the cellar. And there are quiet Sunday marches. It was far too easy for Miami who put up 30 points on the board in the first half before resting their starters and heading for an easy win.

5) Buffalo Bills : Record of 8-3. (Last week ranking: 4th)

Two wins in four days at Ford Field for the Bills after the duel moved due to snow against the Browns. Buffalo hasn’t had the teeth of the start of the season for a few weeks. Josh Allen is human after all and that affects offense.

6) Dallas Cowboys : Record of 8-3. (Last week ranking: 7th)

Nice important division duel between the Cowboys and the Giants. This time it was Ezekiel Elliott who led the attack for Dallas. The Boys go unnoticed with the success of the Eagles, but Dallas is a serious team. It must be nice to play without too much pressure for once.

7) San Francisco 49ers : Record of 7-4. (Last week ranking: 9th)

Quiet game for offense, but powerful defense got the job done by shutting out the Saints for the first time since 2001. Defense wins championships as the saying goes, we’ll see if the adage holds true in the weeks to come .

8) Cincinnati Bengals : Record of 7-4. (Last week ranking: 10th)

Deprived of Joe Mixon and Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengals still managed to get the better of a Titans team that was playing well after a slow start to the season… a bit like the Bengals! With the returns of Mixon and Chase and the surprise defeat of the Ravens, Cincy has the wind in its sails to afford the division, but before you think about that… make way for the Chiefs!

9) Tennessee Titans : Record of 7-4. (Last week ranking: 6th)

Derrick Henry was limited to 38 yards rushing by the Bengals defense, so we had to release a screen play to allow the King to get the majority of his yards. If Henry isn’t a monster, the Titans aren’t a threat, simple as that.

10) Baltimore Ravens : Record of 7-4. (Last week ranking: 8th)

Missed opportunity against the Jaguars. Lack of opportunism that came back to haunt them before the end of the game. Another ordinary game from Lamar Jackson after his excellent start to the season. Jackson would have to find his rhythm before the end of the season otherwise the playoff course could be short.

11) Los Angeles Chargers : Sheet of 6-5. (Last week ranking: 13th)

Justin Herbert is back on his feet with Keenan Allen in the lineup and the Chargers’ audacity paid off late in the game to get back to over .500. When Mike Williams is back for good, it will be interesting to see if the Chargers can ride their offense to the playoffs.

12) New York Giants : Record of 7-4. (Last week ranking: 11th)

I keep my first sentence from last week: “Obviously the recipe is obvious. If Saquon Barkley is stopped, it’s over. Three losses in four games for the Giants. Is the balloon deflated?

13) Seattle Seahawks : Sheet of 6-5. (Last week ranking: 12th)

A bit like the Giants, the Seahawks are coming down to earth after a surprising start to the season. Seattle faltered on defense getting cut out by Josh Jacobs. Geno Smith continues his superb season, but Kenneth Walker is coming off two tough games in a row. With San Francisco riding high, the division title suddenly seems a long way off and currently Seattle would be ruled out in favor of the Bucs at 5-6.

14) Washington Commanders : Sheet of 7-5. (Last week ranking: 16th)

Six in seven for Washington! Quietly, the Commanders have really saved their season since their win over the Bears. With Chase Young expected to return this week, Washington is poised to earn a playoff berth for only the second time in seven years. To think that Ron Rivera was probably playing his position against the Bears in week six.

15) New York Jets : Sheet of 6-4. (Last week ranking: 17th)

Jets rookie receiver Garrett Wilson has four touchdowns this season. Zach Wilson didn’t throw any of those… No chance Wilson (that one Zach) won’t be back as a starter as long as Mike White plays like he did against the Bears.

16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Sheet of 5-6. (Last week ranking: 14th)

What a failure. Tampa had the game well in hand and they let Cleveland come back and win in overtime. It’s pitiful this division this season. We risk having a division champion with a negative record…

17) New England Patriots : Sheet of 6-5. (Last week ranking: 15th)

Mac Jones had a career-high 382 yards through the air and the Pats scored their first touchdown of the season on their first streak of the game, but unfortunately the offense ran out of juice in the fourth quarter (punt, punt , turnover on tries and end of the game) and the Pats lost their flag against the Vikings.

18) Detroit Lions : Sheet of 4-7. (Last week ranking: 20th)

Prior to this season, Jamaal Williams had 13 career rushing touchdowns. This season, Jamaal Williams has 13 rushing touchdowns! The running back is only three touchdowns away from Barry Sanders’ team record.

19) Indianapolis Colts : Sheet of 4-7-1. (Last week ranking: 18th)

One of the reasons not to hire an inexperienced head coach is the management of the dial at the end of the match. The Colts decided that late-game saved timeouts weren’t much use. Instead of orchestrating a comeback and thinking about their strategy, the Jeff Saturday offense committed a turnover on tries, but at least they still have two timeouts to date.

20) Atlanta Falcons : Sheet of 5-7. (Last week ranking: 19th)

Third defeat in four games for the Falcons… Fortunately, the other teams in the division are also useless.

21) Cleveland Browns : Sheet of 4-7. (Last week ranking: 24th)

In his last game as a starter for the Browns, Jacoby Brissett gave his team a victory with a comeback in the last minute of the game and a touchdown victory by Nick Chubb in overtime. Now is the time to see if Deshaun Watson is rusty after almost two years without playing football.

22) Las Vegas Raiders : Sheet of 4-7. (Last week ranking: 26th)

If the Raiders weren’t having a miserable season, Josh Jacobs could possibly be considered a candidate for MVP of the season. Jacobs again had a great game with multiple career highs (229 rushing yards, 33 carries, 179 yards after contact, six receptions and 74 yards per reception). With those numbers, Jacobs moves to first in the NFL with 1,159 rushing yards, including 923 after first contact.

23) Green Bay Packers : Sheet of 4-8. (Last week ranking: 21st)

We knew the weak run defense, but from there to giving the Eagles 363 yards, ouch. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t even complete the game and there are rumors that the season is over in his case. The catastrophe.

24) New Orleans Saints : Sheet of 4-8. (Last week ranking: 22nd)

The longest active streak in the NFL without suffering a shutout belonged to the Saints before Sunday. New Orleans had not been shut out for 332 games during the 17th week of action in 2001! It was also against the Niners.

25) Pittsburgh Steelers : Sheet of 4-7. (Last week ranking: 27th)

The Steelers take a first-half lead to cruise to their fourth win of the season. Less positive, Najee Harris left the game with an abdominal injury. He had his least worst moments of the season. Too bad for him.

26) Arizona Cardinals : Sheet of 4-8. (Last week ranking: 23rd)

The return of Kyler Murray allowed the Cardinals to compete again, but the defense couldn’t shut the door on the Chargers’ comeback in the final seconds. Fourth loss in five games.

27) Los Angeles Rams : Sheet 3-8. (Last week ranking: 25th)

What can be said that hasn’t been said about the Rams. In short, we went from Super Bowl champions to an attack led by Bryce Perkins. That sums it up well.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars : Sheet of 4-7. (Last week ranking: 29th)

What a late game for the Jags. Trevor Lawrence probably had his best offensive streak of his young career to lead his team to victory. A bit of late game magic and bold decision making. It will give the Jags confidence.

29) Carolina Panthers : Sheet of 4-8. (Last week ranking: 31st)

Fourth 100 or more yards in six games for D’Onta Foreman since the departure of Christian McCaffrey. It’s either over 100 yards or less than 25. A rollercoaster as they say. The Panthers took advantage of the Broncos’ shameful offense to run the ball 46 times and dominate possession time with 37 minutes!

30) Denver Broncos : Sheet 3-8. (Last week ranking: 28th)

The discontent rises on the side lines of the Broncos. Mike Purcell and Russell Wilson exchanged a few sweet words with Nathaniel Hackett who pretended not to hear anything late in the game against the Panthers. The Broncos now have the NFL’s worst point per game since the Browns in 2000. Shameful.

31) Chicago Bears : Sheet of 3-9. (Last week ranking: 30th)

Well, Trevor Siemian was no better than Justin Fields in passing, but without the threat of ground play. To say that we were almost lucky to have Nathan Peterman in office! The Bears started the season 2-1…since it’s 1-8. It was just said that it was a misleading card at the time.

32) Houston Texans : Record of 1-9-1. (Last week ranking: 32nd)

In the first half against the Dolphins, the Texans had 32 yards. They allowed 30 points during that time.

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