NFL: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wants to play for more than 20 years and own

Russell Wilson wants to play for another decade and hopes to be able to buy an NFL team once his athletic career is over.

The star quarterback wants to get the Seattle Seahawks (3-6) back on track now, but is also thinking about his future.

« I want to keep playing for a long time to come, but when this is all over I would love to own an NFL franchise and be able to impact a city, a region and encourage people to attend football games. » Wilson told The Associated Press on the ‘AP Pro Football’ podcast. I like the business side of things, and sport in general. I love to win. I love the process that lets you win. I hope to be able to instill this culture in a team and an organization. « 

Wilson is already the minority owner of the Seattle Sounders, a Major League Soccer club.

Wilson, who will celebrate his 33rd birthday on November 29, is interested in several things outside of football, including storytelling. Along with his wife, Ciara, he founded ‘Why Not You Productions’ and is the executive producer of a new film called ‘National Champions’, which explores the lives of college athletes who are paid for their skills.

In this film, the star quarterback asks the two teams to boycott the championship game in order to obtain fair and equitable compensation, in addition to respect for the student-athletes.

Wilson returned to the field on Sunday after sustaining a major finger injury that forced him to miss games for the first time in his 10-season NFL career. He completed 20 of his 40 passes for 161 yards and two interceptions in a 17-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers. It was the first time the Seahawks had been shut out in Wilson’s 150 regular season starts.

Wilson missed three games after being operated on on his index finger, and he performed 19 or 20 hour rehab exercises on certain days in order to return to play several weeks ahead of the team’s scheduled deadlines. . According to him, being limited to the role of spectators in recent weeks has strengthened his love of football.

“I already knew I loved the sport, but never that much,” he said. This is the reason why I want to play it for over 20 years. That being said, (my absence) allowed me to develop my patience. Even if you have to make sure to keep the fire sacred. It’s essential. Finally, you must have unwavering confidence in your means. It should not be confused with arrogance. You must have confidence in your means, in what you do, how you do it, because you have done it before, and that you will do it again in the future if you have confidence in yourself, that you tell yourself that anything is possible, and that is all I learned from this adventure ”.

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