NFL | Salary cap increases to US$208.2 million

The NFL’s salary cap in 2022 will be US$208.2 million, a significant increase from the previous two pandemic-affected years.

Posted at 12:04 p.m.

Barry Wilner
Associated Press

The current cap was 182.5 million, down nearly 10 million from the 2020 season.

Adding the cap benefits, teams will be allowed to have a player payroll of 284,367 million.

Obviously, quarterbacks will get the biggest payout if they get the concession player tag at 29.7 million. All 32 teams have until 4 p.m. Tuesday to apply concession player tags, and some clubs have already done so. The deadline for these players to sign a long-term contract with a team is July 15.

The free agent market officially begins next Wednesday, but teams can negotiate with player representatives as early as Monday.

Linebackers are the second-highest franchise player category at $18.7 million, followed closely by receivers ($18.4 million) and defensive ends ($17.85 million). Next come defensive tackles (17.39 million), cornerbacks (17.28 million), offensive linemen (16.66 million), safety backs (12.91 million), tight ends ( 10.93 million), running backs (9.57 million) and kickers (5.22 million).

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