NFL referee in the midst of controversy

Controversy erupted in the NFL on Monday when linebacker Cassius Marsh accused a referee of voluntarily contacting him to issue him a penalty.

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In a game between his Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marsh sacked on a third down for the rival team. He then celebrated, then, en route to the sidelines, official Tony Corrente backed up slightly causing the two men to collide slightly. The referee immediately awarded the Bears’ color-bearer a penalty for excessive taunting.

« On the way to the sidelines, the referee put his hip out and it’s pretty obvious, » said Marsh in the post-game conference, according to comments reported by The Score site. If I did that to a referee or even touch him, I would get kicked out of the game and suspended, in addition to being fined. I think it was incredibly inappropriate. ”

When asked about it, Corrente replied that this season the NFL pays special attention to this kind of foul and that the contact between him and the player has no bearing.

« I saw the player play a big game, run to the opposing bench with a pose letting me believe it was a mockery, » the referee told the NBC Sports network.

“I think it was clear to everyone who saw the streak that I wasn’t at fault,” Marsh added. I’ve made this celebratory gesture my entire career and it’s disappointing to see this sort of thing happening in a close game like this. It’s difficult. »

The athlete’s 15-yard penalty allowed the Steelers to make an offensive push that ended in a field goal. Pittsburgh won 29-27.

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