NFL Network spoils Steelers tribute to Franco Harris: Fans are furious

Football fans didn’t appreciate the NFL Network cutting the Pittsburgh Steelers’ tribute to the late Franco Harris during halftime of their game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Saturday was a dark day for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and fan base. On Tuesday, legendary running back Franco Harris died at the age of 72, just days before the team retired his number 32 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the immaculate reception in the 1972 AFC Divisional game against the Raiders.

NFL Network aired the Steelers vs. Raiders game on Saturday. When the game reached halftime, the channel remained on the ceremony, where chairman Art Rooney II made comments and presented Harris’ widow, Dana, and son, Dok, with the running shirt. back. Members of the 1972 Steelers team were also on the field for the ceremony.

As the Acrisure Stadium PA system instructed the crowd to turn to the video board to see the Harris tribute, NFL Network cut to an advertisement. Viewers who watched the entire tribute and ceremony for Harris did not like the channel’s decision to go commercial.

Fans are upset with the NFL Network’s decision to go commercial during the tribute to Franco Harris.

It was definitely a decision for NFL Network to make, and as you can tell by the reaction, it wasn’t a popular decision.

For those who want to watch the rest of the tribute, the official Steelers Twitter account posted the full 11-minute ceremony. For those who want to see the exact Harris tribute video, it starts at 6:45.

Harris has been a legend since joining the Steelers in 1972. He played a vital role in the immaculate reception in the aforementioned AFC Division game. Quarterback Terry Bradshaw intended to pass John Fuqua, but the ball bounced off the helmet of Raiders safety Jack Tatum. Harris grabs the ball before it hits the ground and runs to score the touchdown with seconds remaining in the game.

In 12 seasons with the Steelers, Harris won four Super Bowl titles, the Super Bowl 9 MVP award and the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award (1972). He was also a nine-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro.

Prior to the game, many Steelers players wore the No. 32 Harris jersey as they entered the stadium. During pre-game introductions, defensive lineman Cameron Heyward ran onto the field holding a flag bearing Harris’ number 32.

Those who wanted to watch Harris’ ceremony won’t be too happy with NFL Network for a while, given that they cut out in the middle of the ceremony.

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