NFL: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif fights to regain his starting position with the Chiefs


Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is back in the bosom of the Kansas City Chiefs, he who has not played since his conquest of the Super Bowl, 16 months ago.

After putting a cross on the 2020 season to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec, Doctor LDT was finally able to put on his football uniform.

The Quebecer trained four times a week at home to come back in force to the Chiefs’ camp.

“I missed football. That’s why I trained a lot. The last time I donned my gear was during the Super Bowl in Miami.

“I have good memories with my teammates. I want to rebuild the chemistry that we had. I hope to find a starting position to help the team win this season. « 

The Chiefs have changed a lot of elements within their workforce and the offensive line is also revamped. Duvernay-Tardif will have to fight to find the place. Head coach Andy Reid has said he and Andrew Wylie are the favorite candidates for right guard, as Kyle Long suffers from a knee injury that could require surgery.

“Gyms were closed for a year here in Canada. I have remained in good physical shape, but in terms of being in peak shape for the football season, the best solution is to play. It’s an exciting day and a good start. I can’t wait to practice more because doing reps is key. « 

“Of course I’m a little rusty after missing some action, but at the same time I’ve never trained so much so I feel in great shape. I hope it will show through on the pitch. I want to make sure that I haven’t lost my IQ football or speed of execution. It will be particularly important for me to analyze the videotapes this year, to learn how to anticipate the games well. It’s a new group, but I was well received. I feel like we have a good core and I’m really excited to be here. « 

As we know, Duvernay-Tardif worked in a CHSLD during the pandemic. Like many people, this exceptional year allowed him to do a great deal of introspection. This has enabled him to understand even better what his career goals are. This is why he undertook an online Masters in Public Health at the renowned Harvard University.

“It has been a trying year for everyone, including me. I worked in long-term care centers, either as a nurse or just where help was needed. It was difficult, we lost a lot of patients, the CHSLDs were greatly affected. But being able to listen to the Chiefs games during this period made me feel good, it was the fun to watch my teammates and keep in touch with them, I was proud of them. I don’t regret my decision. « 

“My vocation is to promote health, whether through medicine, public health or another platform. This is what I’m going to do after my sports career and also during. For me, as a professional athlete, I believe in a way that we have a duty to promote values ​​and a positive message. So I want to take advantage of the great platform that I have the privilege of having with the NFL to do so. « 


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