NFL: Kyler Murray is contractually forced to watch the films of other clubs by the Cards

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract includes a peculiar clause that seriously challenges his desire to act like a professional athlete.

So, according to what ESPNthe Cards have included in the new contract worth 230.5 million, an amendment which obliges him to study four hours a week of the films of the matches to prepare.

The clause is labeled « independent study addendum ».

According to the contract, Murray will have to study “the equipment provided to him by the club in order to prepare for the upcoming match. Murray will receive « credit » for doing his review of opposing teams’ videos, according to the contract. However, the addendum states that Murray’s time spent in mandatory meetings studying does not count, and that Murray also will not receive credit if he « does not personally study the material provided in good faith. »

The addendum also states that Murray won’t get credit if he doesn’t study or watch the material while playing on his tablet or if he does anything that may distract him or draw his attention elsewhere. while playing material, such as playing video games, watching TV, or browsing the Internet.

Failure to meet the addendum’s requirements will mean that Murray « shall be deemed to be in default » of his contract, according to the wording of the agreement. The addendum takes effect this season and lasts until 2028, when the Cardinals can choose a club option.

Teams routinely insert clauses into contracts that require players to attend off-season practices, achieve certain weight goals, or other tangible goals, but a clause requiring a player to study more outside of team meetings is unusual, even unprecedented.

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