NFL: Kansas City passes but worries about Mahomes, Brady takes over Brees

A bitter victory for Kansas City. The defending champion validated his ticket for the American Conference final on Sunday evening with a success over Cleveland (22-17), but his star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, suffered a concussion. The clash between the Buccaneers of the indestructible Tom Brady and the Saints of Drew Brees turned in favor of Tampa Bay, qualified for the National Conference final (20-30).

Earlier, the Chiefs came close to a huge setback against the Browns, when there was nothing to suggest that possibility after a largely dominated first period. Mahomes who first scored a touchdown in the race, then found his receiver Travis Kelce at the start of the second quarter. As for the defense, it was solid like Daniel Sorensen, who repelled Rashard Higgins just before the goal line. What send the two teams to the locker room with a score of 19-3 in favor of Kansas City.


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Things then got stuck. After Cleveland closed the lead to 19-10 thanks to a Jarvis Landry touchdown, found by Baker Mayfield, Mahomes hurt himself after a run, with a neck shot after contact with an opponent. When he got up he was staggering and his whole team suddenly seemed knocked out.While his team announced he was suffering from a concussion, Cleveland moved closer at 22-17, after a touchdown at the Kareem Hunt race.

Finally, the Chiefs’ defense tightened the bolts late in the game, while Mahomes substitute Chad Henne kept control of the ball, thanks to two decisive actions. On a 3rd attempt, he managed an unexpected ride, before finding Tyreek Hill on the 4th to cover the necessary 14 yards. Enough to be forgiven for the interception granted shortly before, to the point that Mahomes congratulated him on Twitter by writing « Hennething possible« (pun with »Anything possible« , »everything is possible« ).

Brees, is it over?

It remains to be seen if the latter, MVP of the last Super Bowl, will have the green light from the doctors to challenge Buffalo next Saturday, opponent beaten in the regular season (26-17 in October). « He was hit on the back of the head, which struck him a bit. But now he’s doing very well, » wanted to reassure his trainer Andy Reid.

On the New Orleans side, Tom Brady, 43, won the distance duel against Drew Brees, one year his junior, to allow the Buccaneers to challenge Green Bay in the National Conference final, where Aaron Rodgers is waiting for him, likely future MVP of the season at 38 years old.

Brady, winner of six Super Bowls with the Patriots, threw two touchdowns to Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, first to gain the advantage (10-6) then to tie at (20-20 ). The icing on the cake, he himself took charge of scoring the third touchdown for his team, after Brees was intercepted in the middle of the last quarter (30-20). The latter, who could announce his retirement, had found Tre’Quan Smith to regain the advantage (20-13) after the break, but a third interception suffered in the last minutes tarnished his possible last outing a little more.

The play-off table

  • American Conference (AFC)

Kansas City Chiefs – Cleveland Browns: 22-17
Buffalo Bills – Baltimore Ravens: 17-3

  • National Conference (NFC)

New Orleans Saints – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 20-30
Green Bay Packers – Los Angeles Rams: 32-18


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