NFL: Jimmy Garoppolo could leave the 49ers

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who guided San Francisco to the NFL Conference Finals, hinted he could play for another team next season after delivering a farewell message to fans on Tuesday of the 49ers.

«  It was one hell of an adventure. I love you guys. See you later said Garoppolo, staring at the camera, at the very end of a remote press conference.

 » I spoke yesterday with (general manager of San Francisco) John Lynch, on finding the right destination. No matter what the future holds, we just have to do the right thing”said the 30-year-old player, who still has a year of contract with the California franchise.

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 » I have a long career ahead of me. I just want to go to a club that wants to win. I’m here to play football, to win games, and as long as I have good people around me, things will work themselves out. »he added.

The prospect of a departure from the 49ers took shape when the club selected quarterback Trey Lance, the third overall in the draft last year.

Last week, San Francisco came very close to qualifying for the Super Bowl, which would have been Garoppolo’s second in three seasons. But the Los Angeles Rams rallied from a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter to win 20-17.

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