NFL: It’s Christmas for the Lions!

The Lions couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present before time than a first victory. With all the heart they put to work this season, they fully deserve this brief moment of celebration.

By defeating the Vikings 29-27 on the last play of the game, an assist from Jared Goff to Amon-Ra St. Brown for the winning touchdown, the Lions finally rediscovered the euphoria of a win.

The last time was a year ago, almost to the day, on December 6th. The Lions had not won since November 15, 2020 in front of their supporters in Detroit.

Since then, this franchise has had to go through yet another regime change. She also had to accept that her quarterback since 2009, Matthew Stafford, had had enough of the gloom, to the point of requiring a transaction. She obviously had, once again, to learn to live with the incessant taunts about her.

This fall, the Lions never found a way to win one before this expected victory over the Vikings.

It wasn’t for lack of trying.

Against the Packers, they led at halftime before losing 35 to 17. Against the Ravens, a record placement of 66 yards got the better of them. They were leading 17-16 against the Vikings in October with 37 seconds left when a last-minute push sank them.

After three quarters, they had the lead against the Rams before giving in. The Bears also defeated them on a field goal late in the game.

Not like the 2008 Lions

No, the Lions weren’t winning this season. Yes, they always found unimaginable ways to bow. Except that even if they have lost many games, they have very rarely lost face.

Six of their setbacks came through possession. The results were clearly not commensurate with the effort invested, but there was never any doubt about the process. This team is struggling week after week and it is obvious that it has nothing to do with the sadly memorable 2008 vintage of the Lions.

In this famous season of no wins and 16 losses, the Lions covered themselves with ridicule in every game. On 11 occasions, they had conceded more than 30 points. Eight of their losses were conceded by at least 13 points.

The 2017 Browns then followed them into infamy with a 0-16 season in turn. Again, eight defeats by at least 14 points had furnished their course.

It is not tomorrow the day before that the Lions will become contenders. However, they never give up, refuse to feel sorry for themselves, and fight each week as if they are playing critical duels. It is to their credit.

The end of Zimmer?

Among the Vikings, this defeat most likely signals the end of the Mike Zimmer era. It is legitimate to wonder if the head coach will make it through the week. Will a new regime want to make a clean sweep? It is far from being excluded that the face of the team will change profoundly in the coming months.

Since the start of the season, the Lions have not scored at least 20 points in a game since Week 1. The fact that they have scored 29 against the defense of Mike Zimmer, who is known as a guru at this chapter demonstrates how the message no longer gets through to the Mauves.


Tom brady

The Buccaneers quarterback amassed 368 yards in addition to four touchdown passes. It is the sixth time this season that he has thrown at least four touchdown passes. Absurd!

Justin herbert

The Chargers quarterback had one of his typical games with 317 yards and three touchdowns. It was his 11e career game with three touchdowns. After two seasons, only Dan Marino had done better with 13.

Jonathan taylor

The Colts forward was level with himself with 143 rushing yards and two touchdowns. He will therefore have slaughtered the Texans this season with 298 yards and four touchdowns in two duels.

George kittle

Rare for a losing team player to be named among the winners of the week, but Kittle was monstrous against the Seahawks with nine receptions, 181 yards and two touchdowns. The tight end really deserved better.

TJ Watt

Blood tests may one day or another reveal that TJ Watt is a mutant. The Steelers outside linebacker was sublime against the Ravens with 3.5 quarterback sacks. He is taking a serious option on defensive player of the year.


The Bengals

The Bengals weren’t in top form on offense with four turnovers. Those turnovers led the Chargers to 16 points. Ja’Marr Chase made quite a blunder dropping a perfect Joe Burrow bombshell, which bounced back into the hands of Derwin James.


Losing is one thing, but losing as depressingly as the Jaguars do every week is beyond comprehension. It would be an insult to the term pathetic to call their attack pathetic. There is no word.

Andy dalton

The Bears quarterback threw four interceptions. Two are more the fault of his receivers dropping the ball, but still, Dalton’s supposed great quality at this point in his career is protecting the ball. We will come back …

Gerald Everett

Everett is the reverse of George Kittle. Even though the Seahawks were victorious, he has a hot spot in the losers of the week. He escaped a goal gate assist that led to an interception, in addition to committing a goal gate fumble late in the fourth quarter that could have cost his team the game. Atrocious!

The Raiders

The loss to Washington relegates the Raiders to 11th place in the American conference. The playoffs are not inaccessible, but hopes are dwindling a lot.

5 games of the week



Photo credit: File photo, USA TODAY Sports

On a passing game from the Jets in the third quarter against the Eagles, Quebec guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif suffered an ankle injury and was forced to leave the game. Too bad, because since he was named a starter two weeks ago he was doing a good job and the Jets seemed satisfied with his service. Let’s hope the “Doc” gets back to the game quickly. After the game, head coach Robert Saleh mentioned that he would have more details today.



Photo credit: AFP Photo

One of the most defining games of the Bengals-Chargers duel was the work of two Canadian players. In the third quarter, the Bengals trailed by just two points and they had the momentum on their side. On a run by Joe Mixon, Christian Covington of Vancouver lost the ball to him. This is Torontonian Tevaughn Campbell (Photo) who covered the fumble and returned the ball 61 yards for the touchdown. The Chargers have thus regained control of the game. Beautiful Canadian connection!



Photo credit: AFP Photo

In the Buccaneers’ win over the Falcons, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski hit hard again with two touchdowns. Gronkowski’s second touchdown was the 89e of the prolific duo in the regular season. Why talk about it? Because the two eternal friends are found in second place in history, with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, who had also connected for 89 touchdowns. In history, only Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison beat them with 112 touchdowns in the regular season.



Photo credit: AFP Photo

What a fantastic game between the Ravens and the Steelers! On their last offensive streak, the Ravens scored the touchdown that allowed the two teams to go into overtime. Except that head coach John Harbaugh decided to try a two-point conversion, in order to go for the victory. Lamar Jackson failed to join Mark Andrews (Photo), on a game that looked perfect, and the Ravens lost. Harbaugh’s decision is hard to justify, considering that in overtime he would have had a huge advantage with kicker Justin Tucker.



Photo credit: AFP Photo

In a hotly contested game between the 49ers and the Seahawks, Jimmy Garoppolo made a difference, but not in the way he wanted. As the 23-23 tie persisted in the third quarter, the 49ers pivot threw a pass through midfield, which landed in the hands of Quandre Diggs, who wears the other uniform. Thanks to this turnaround, the Seahawks then scored the touchdown that turned out to be victorious.

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