NFL: he admits to having smoked cannabis before playing matches


Having played his last game in the NFL in 2021, Le’Veon Bell confessed to having made a smoking blow to all those who knew him, because he says he used cannabis before participating in professional football matches.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers running back in particular is no stranger to controversy, having already missed a full season (in 2018) due to a contract dispute. The one who has more recently tried his luck in combat sports has done everything to displease some, it seems. Except that he believes he has obtained the desired success thanks to his habits, which are questionable to say the least.

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« If we go back, that’s what I did, » he said during the Steel Here podcast. When I played football, I smoked. Even before the clashes, I consumed and I landed on the ground to amass 150 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

Bell also took the opportunity to disparage one of his ex-pilots, Adam Gase, who led him to the New York Jets from 2019. “I got there and I understood why instructors make a huge difference. I noticed it in the first week. The team wasn’t great, make no mistake. However, if [Mike] Tomlin had supervised the training, we would have won at least nine games”, he considered.

« [Le quart] Sam Darnold didn’t even know his lines of protection because he was so confused about our attack. It’s because the instructor was mixing it up as well. »

Bell was released by the Jets in October 2020, before ending up with the Kansas Chiefs Kansas City. The previous year, New York finished the campaign with a 7-9 record, the running back only rushing for 789 yards and three majors.


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