NFL – Forbes draws up its 2022 ranking of the valuation of the 32 franchises

A few weeks before the new National Football League (NFL) season, the American media Forbes drew up its traditional ranking dedicated to the valuation of the 32 franchises, understand the estimate of the sum to be paid to buy a team.

For the 14th consecutive year, the Dallas Cowboys take the top spot with an estimated value of $8 billion. A figure up 23% from last year’s valuation ($6.5 billion).

In one year, the Cowboys have therefore earned 1.5 billion dollars in valuation, erasing in one year the symbolic bar of 7 billion and 8 billion.

To establish its classification, Forbes obviously took into consideration the recent sale of the Denver Broncos for $4.65 billiona record amount in the history of sports business for a sports team.

With a « TV rights » contract that is more lucrative than ever, stadiums generating a lot of revenue (ticketing and matchday), rising sponsorship income and a system based on a certain distribution of wealth, the average value of an NFL franchise jumps to $4.47 billion. In 5 years, Forbes recalls that league revenue increased by 31%. Last season, the franchise owned by Jerry Jones would have exceeded the billion dollar mark in revenue and 465.9 million in operating income.

NFL Team Values ​​2022 (Forbes)

1/ Dallas Cowboys: $8 billion
2/ New England Patriots: 6.4 billion
3/ Los Angeles Rams: 6.2 billion
4/ New York Giants: 6 billion
5/ Chicago Bears: 5.8 billion
6/ Washington Commanders: 5.6 billion
7/ New York Jets: 5.4 billion
8/ San Francisco 49ers: 5.2 billion
9/ Las Vegas Raiders: 5.1 billion
10/ Philadelphia Eagles: 4.9 billion
11/ Houston Texans: 4.7 billion
12/ Denver Broncos: 4.65 billion
13/ Miami Dolphins: 4.6 billion
14/ Seattle Seahawks: 4.5 billion
15/ Green Bay Packers: 4.25 billion
16/ Atlanta Falcons: 4 billion
17/ Pittsburgh Steelers: 3.975 billion
18/ Minnesota Vikings: 3.925 billion
19/ Baltimore Ravens: 3.9 billion
20/ Los Angeles Chargers: 3.875 billion
21/ Cleveland Browns: 3.85 billion
22/ Indianapolis Colts: 3.8 billion
23/ Kansas City Chiefs: 3.7 billion
24/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3.675 billion
25/ Carolina Panthers: 3.6 billion
26/ New Orleans Saints: 3.575 billion
27/ Tennessee Titans: 3.5 billion
28/ Jacksonville Jaguars: 3.475 billion
29/ Buffalo Bills: 3.4 billion
30/ Arizona Cardinals: 3.27 billion
31/ Detroit Lions: 3.05 billion
32/ Cincinnati Bengals: 3 billion

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