NFL End-of-Season Review: Individual Honors

With the season coming to an end comes the time to decide on the top individual honors in the NFL, which will be awarded before the Super Bowl. Question of anticipating the exercise which will be carried out in reality, The newspaper offers you its choices in the main categories.

Most Valuable Player

AARON RODGERS (quarterback, Packers)

A debate may be in order to determine the winner between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. After all, Brady dominates in major statistical categories like yards (5,316 vs. 4,115) and touchdowns (43 vs. 37). However, this title must be more than the reflection of a few figures. Throughout the season, Rodgers has been solid behind what was half his 2020 offensive line. He sure is betting on Davante Adams, but the rest of his receivers have nothing to do with the ammunition armada available to him. Brady. Once again, Rodgers protected the ball like his own baby with just four steals. This is what elevates him above others.


  • Tom brady (quarterback, Buccaneers) : As mentioned, Brady is most deserving after Rodgers. At 44, what he does is literally superhuman.
  • Joe burrow (quarterback, Bengals): Don’t look long for the difference between the 2020 Bengals, with Burrow on the sidelines, and the 2021, with Burrow on the pitch.
  • Cooper Kupp (receiver, Rams): It has been written time and time again in these pages that the title of MVP too often goes to quarterbacks. If another player deserves to be considered, it is Kupp.

Offensive player

COOPER KUPP (receiver, Rams)

Failing to win the MVP title, Kupp should get his hands on the honor of top offensive player. He became the only fourth receiver to win the triple crown, after Jerry Rice, Sterling Sharpe and Steve Smith, because he dominated in receptions (145), yards (1947) and touchdowns (16). . It’s a phenomenal season for the one who went to five receptions and 18 yards to set two records. Forward Jonathan Taylor is another interesting candidate, but the Colts’ fishtail end to the season and the fact that they’re not playoffs will cost him votes.


  • Jonathan taylor (carrier, Colts): With 1,811 rushing yards and 20 total touchdowns, Taylor carried the Colts’ offense on his shoulders. He was the best carrier by far, even though Derrick Henry’s injury was a game-changer.
  • Deebo Samuel (receiver, 49ers): Samuel was fifth with 1,405 receiving yards, in addition to adding 365 rushing yards and eight touchdowns, for a total of 14.
  • Aaron Rodgers (quarterback, Packers): More and more, the titles of MVP and Offensive Player are separated, which is a good thing. Rodgers would nevertheless be an obvious candidate.

Defensive player

TJ WATT (linebacker, Steelers)

This is one of the categories where there is likely to be the most debate. Watt closed the year tying Michael Strahan’s quarterback sack record at 22.5, although he missed two games. Many will reply that the bags are not proof of everything, but it’s still quite a harvest! Watt also had the knack of making big plays in big moments, especially by causing five fumbles. In several games, he played an instrumental role and the Steelers owe their playoff presence to him in part. Just think of the narrow victories against the Titans (1.5 sacks, 1 fumble provoked and recovered) or the Ravens (3.5 sacks, 1 fumble provoked).


  • Aaron Donald (tackle, Rams): Many feel that Donald deserves this honor for the fourth time because he has no equal year after year. It is a laudable position.
  • Trevon diggs (cornerback, Cowboys): With 11 interceptions, the Cowboys cornerback has often made headlines. He still gets beaten, but has a flair for paid play.
  • Myles Garrett (defensive end, Browns): Despite all of Watt’s ridiculous stats, Garrett is the player who put the most pressure on the opposing quarterbacks with 52.

Return of the year

JOE BURROW (quarterback, Bengals)

Because of the horrifying nature of his injury in 2020, Dak Prescott is expected to come into popular favor. Whether the winner is him, Joe Burrow or Nick Bosa, there are three fantastic comeback stories here. Don’t forget that Burrow suffered a torn two ligaments in one knee and was phenomenal for it. bring his team back to the playoffs for the first time in five years. With 4,611 yards and 34 touchdown passes in 16 games, in addition to an average of 8.9 yards per pass attempted, the Bengals quarterback has shown he can transform this team. Prescott, although he shone, has had a few slumps during the season.


  • Dak prescott (quarterback, Cowboys): Accumulating 4,449 yards and 37 touchdown passes after a broken ankle is masterful. Well done !
  • Nick bosa (defensive end, 49ers): Bosa suffered a devastating knee injury in 2020 and he rebounded with 15.5 sacks and four forced fumbles.
  • Von Miller (linebacker, Rams): Miller didn’t play at all in 2020 and came back with 9.5 sacks. The veteran seems to be finding his bearings slowly but surely in Los Angeles.

Offensive rookie

JA’MARR CHASE (receiver, Bengals)

There are several excellent candidates, but none had the impact of Ja’Marr Chase in the attack. With 81 receptions, 1,455 yards, 13 touchdowns and 18 receiving yards, he was Joe Burrow’s target of choice early in the season, just like in their heyday at LSU. The Bengals need to keep investing on the offensive line to better protect their quarterback, but Chase’s arrival has made his life much easier. Some will prefer Mac Jones, who was the best quarterback of his vintage, or Creed Humphrey, who has established himself as one of the best centers in the league, but Chase has had too major an impact to ignore. He and Burrow are just beginning to do some magic.


  • Creed humphrey (center, Chiefs): Humphrey quickly established himself as a dominant center. The analytical site Pro Football Focus gave him the highest rating for a rookie since 2014.
  • Mac Jones (quarterback, Patriots): His season of 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions helped revive the Patriots. Impressive beginnings.
  • Jaylen waddle (receiver, Dolphins): He set a record with 104 receptions, gained 1,015 yards and six touchdowns.

Defensive recruit

MICAH PARSONS (linebacker, Cowboys)

This is certainly the category where there is the least debate because Parsons is light years ahead of the rest of the competition. Parsons was electric for the Cowboys with 84 tackles, 13 quarterback sacks, 47 presses and three forced fumbles. Most impressive in the case of the 12e Overall choice is that he has been called upon to play both as an inside linebacker and at the end of the defensive line when the need arises in the absence of key players. On the ground, he seems a fraction of a second before the others because his speed is so explosive. He also does great service as a pass cover and will be the Cowboys handyman for years to come.


  • Jevon holland (marauder, Dolphins): The Canadian marauder is everywhere on the field with two interceptions, 10 knockdowns, 2.5 sacks and three fumbles recovered.
  • Patrick Surtain II (cornerback, Broncos): The Broncos were criticized for ignoring a quarterback in the draft, but Surtain was strong with four interceptions and a touchdown.
  • Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (linebacker, Browns): The Browns linebacker was excellent in passing coverage. It covers a lot of space.

Coach of the Year


There is no coach who did better with what he had on hand than Mike Vrabel. Not only has he guided the Titans to a second straight division title, but his team will also have home court advantage in the playoffs. All this, despite the fact that the Titans have used 88 players this season, a record if you exclude the years of strikes in the NFL. Derrick Henry’s injury caused a stir, but there have been a host of others. Still, the schedule was no favors for the Titans, who still showed a solid 8-3 record against clubs with winning records. The apologies would have all been made for a collapse, but Vrabel led the troops well.


  • Matt LaFleur (Packers): LaFleur has the good fortune and the misfortune of being at the head of a club that relies on Aaron Rodgers. He will therefore never have the credit he deserves for his 39 victories in three seasons.
  • Bill belichick (Patriots): Bill Belichick did a solid job rebuilding the roster after missing the playoffs and the team bounced back quickly even adjusting to a new quarterback in Mac Jones.
  • Nick sirianni (Eagles): Not one of the six other first-year coaches has led their team to the playoffs. Sirianni had been a contested choice for the Eagles.

3 surprises

  1. Bengals: Very clever the one who would have predicted them 10 victories and a division title. It will be necessary to keep the pace in a cruel division.
  2. Eagles: Many saw the Eagles as a rebuilding club, among the worst in the league. Here they are in playoffs, with three choices of 1D round in pocket.
  3. Raiders: Originally, the Raiders didn’t seem like playoff contenders. Then there was Jon Gruden. Then there was Henry Ruggs. Then, a huge end of the season!

3 disappointments

  1. Browns: They seemed to be on the rise in 2020 and they’ve invested heavily in their roster, especially on defense. Baker Mayfield was not healthy, but still …
  2. Washington: There was finally a bit of hope last year with a playoff presence. The biting defense is gone and the attack is still looking just as much.
  3. Seahawks: It’s a losing first season since 2011 and both offense and defense have seen huge lows.

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