NFL Draft 2019 sheets: Drew Lock – Quarterback

Drew Lock, what face at the top echelon?

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Drew Lock – Quarterback – 22 – Senior – Missouri

Cut : 1m93
Weight : 102 kg
Estimated draft position: 1st-2nd round

2018 statistics: 275/437, 3,498 yards, 28 touchdowns, 8 interceptions

NFL Comparison: Jay Cutler

Strong points

– Size and good arm
– Mobility in the pocket
– Varied game

The eye of the tiger ! Launched in the deep university bath in 2015, Drew Lock became the boss of the attack of the Missouri Tigers with full seasons from a statistical and result point of view. Stripes that he was able to win thanks to a cannon arm and excessive laser passes. Over his three real seasons as a starter at Columbia, the interested party has accumulated 95 touchdowns and 31 interceptions and above all has continued to improve his figures, even after his huge 2017 campaign and the change in coaching staff that followed. . Lock was not necessarily the result of a system for success in College Football. His panel is varied with a refined and aggressive game. Moreover, although being a pocket-passer by training, he knows how to be mobile if necessary. His ability to extend the games therefore allowed him to register six touchdowns in 2018. A secret boost which, for example, allowed Josh Allen to float at the end of the 2018 season in Buffalo.

Weak points

– Management of hot moments
– Placement
– Precision

Seductive in his game, Lock does not remain frustrating depending on the situation. And one of the traits that watchers worry the most is how he handles the pocket in hot moments. Able to launch quickly from the snap, the quarterback tended to panic and rush against more aggressive defenses than usual. A factor that impacted his accuracy with some supercharged passes. In the pros, the person concerned will also have to improve his placement in the pocket, which has sometimes exposed him on the blind side.

Possible fit

Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals

Doctor Jekyll or Mister Hyde? By selecting Drew Lock, his future franchise will have to clearly know what to expect because if the Missouri Diamond has been a true competitor and a player capable of performing in a number of environments, his mental management will be a key element in knowing his he can succeed at the top level. His size and his technical background should tempt a team not far from the first round, with the hope of a constant margin of progress…

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