NFL: defenses in the spotlight in Buffalo

The Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills defenses are poised to maintain their reputation as two of the league’s best as they made both teams’ offenses look bad in the Bills’ 27-24 win on Saturday. , at Highmark Stadium.

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In the victory, the Bills had an interception off Nick Foles, in addition to causing a fumble by making a sack from the quarter and recovering it, before returning it 69 yards for a major.

Raheem Blackshear hit the other two winners’ day majors, each time from a reach.

For its part, the Colts defense had three interceptions in total, including two against Case Keenum, in addition to recovering two fumbles, including one after having managed a quarterback sack against this same Keenum.

Acquired from the Atlanta Falcons last offseason, Matt Ryan was able to shake off the rust by completing six of 10 stints for 58 yards. The team’s other pivot, Sam Ehlinger, chosen in the sixth round (218e in total) of the most recent draft, showed great things by finding a receiver 10 times on 11 attempts, including twice for a major, crossing 88 total yards.

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