NFL Biosciences secures control over the production of botanical extracts from tobacco and cannabis


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( – The biopharmaceutical company NFL Biosciences and Diverchim, specialist in the development and production of original active ingredients, have announced the establishment of a partnership. Diverchim supports the production of liquid protein extracts from tobacco leaf and cannabis, essential components of NFL-101, NFL Biosciences’ botanical drug candidate for the treatment of tobacco addiction, and NFL-201, for treatment addiction to cannabis.

The partnership between NFL Biosciences and Diverchim will consist in producing the active principle of NFL-101 for its use in the context of additional clinical studies in the CESTO II study (Phase II / III). The development plan put in place will also be applied to the preclinical development of the active principle of NFL-201, a drug candidate from NFL Biosciences for the treatment of cannabis addiction.

Thanks to this partnership, NFL Biosciences will secure control over the production of botanical extracts in order to anticipate future development and marketing needs after obtaining Marketing Authorizations.

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