NFL: An 81-yard kick that sows mistrust

New Orleans Saints kicker Blake Gillikin pulled off an extraordinary feat against the Green Bay Packers on Friday…so much so that the NFL gave him a « random » drug test.

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Early in the third quarter, in the Packers’ 20-10 win at Lambeau Field, Gillikin punted a mind-boggling 81 yards on a Saints fourth down. The ball even ended up in the hosts’ end zone after spending more than five seconds in the air.

This impressive athletic gesture, however, seems to have raised eyebrows among some officials of the Goodell circuit. Gillikin posted on Twitter a screenshot of a text he received from an NFL employee telling him he had been « selected for random drug testing » three days after his feat.

« Kick at your own risk, » added with humor the one who will be in his second season in the uniform of the Saints.

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