NFL: Aaron Rodgers denies suffering complications from COVID-19, claims to have fracture

Aaron Rodgers said at a press briefing Wednesday that he suffered from a broken toe. The Green Bay Packers quarterback even bothered to show his left foot in front of the camera to prove his point.

Rodgers had to respond to the rumors he himself started the day before on Pat McAfee’s podcast, claiming that he suffers from a complication related to COVID-19 known as the « COVID toe. »

This time, the Packers star has argued instead that he injured a toe while training at home during his 40s.

However, the day before, Rodgers said at the microphone of Pat McAfee Show, that his toe injury was the only consequence of his battle with COVID-19.

The comments follow other confusing statements about his vaccine status a few weeks ago.

Complications to the toes stemming from COVID-19 or what is commonly referred to as « COVID toe », is a real illness, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, and would theoretically be painful to overcome.

This condition could cause « symptoms like discoloration and lesions » and would be potentially « extremely painful ».

The Packers quarterback looks confident he will be in his position against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, although he claimed to have made his left foot injury worse in his team’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the last week.

« I was stepped on in the first half, and it kind of activated all the symptoms I was having, » Rodgers told reporters after the game. It will be another painful week, and then I hope I start to feel a little better during the week off. « 

Packers head coach Matt Lafleur said Rodgers’ training week « will be similar to last week. »

Rodgers had then missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday, before participating in the Friday session on a limited basis.

In the loss to the Vikings, Rodgers completed 22 of his 33 passes for 385 yards, in addition to throwing four touchdown passes.

Green Bay will be off duty after this week’s game against the Rams.

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