NFL: a poisoned victory for the Jets

That’s it, the Jets have finally won a first game! Except that what should normally be relief and blessing is more likely to turn into a real poisoned gift.

The unlikely 23-20 victory over the Rams rocked the NFL planet. First, the Rams were 17-point favorites to win. The Jets thus avoid the shame of being among the few in history to end a winless season, as did the Browns of 2017 and the Lions of 2008.

Where the shoe pinch is that this unexpected victory, combined with another loss for the Jaguars, sees the first pick in the next draft slip into the hands of the Jets. The season is not over and everything can still move in the last two weeks, but right now the Jaguars are said to be the first to go up for auction in April.

Why is this so important? Because this year Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence will be available. He is an exceptional player. He is already considered the most talented hope since Andrew Luck in 2012, or even Peyton Manning in 1998, among the most optimistic.

The Jets have spent the last few weeks marinating in their misery, wallowing in mediocrity, but the carrot at the end of the stick was Lawrence, who is likely to slip away.

The Fields dilemma

In the event that the Jaguars really end up with the first choice in their pocket, it is undoubtedly Lawrence who will become their gift from the sky.

If so, the Jets will face a major dilemma. In inheriting the second choice, should they opt for the quarterback expected to be second overall choice Justin Fields?

He has had a brilliant career with the Ohio State University Buckeyes, but has looked bad in two of his last three games against Indiana (three interceptions) and Northwestern (two interceptions).

These two games should not overshadow the rest of his accomplishments, but everything indicates that the margin between him and Lawrence is widening in the eyes of the decision-makers.

What about Darnold?

The Jets could still be infatuated with Fields, an athletic quarterback, as they could decide to give their current young hub, Sam Darnold, one last chance.

The third-year player doesn’t seem like the answer right now, but he’s extremely poorly surrounded and protected.

If the Jets decide to bet on Darnold, they could potentially get a cargo of draft picks to better themselves off, in exchange for second pick. Because Fields, whether it ends up in New York or elsewhere, is sure to be in demand.

With the choices obtained, the Jets could logically think of strengthening their pitiful offensive line. It wouldn’t be foolish to aim for another quarterback further in the first round, either (BYU’s Zach Wilson and North Dakota State’s Trey Lance are just two examples).

Either way, the Jaguars are currently giggling. As they cash in on the thaws, the future suddenly looks brighter.

If they actually get their hands on Lawrence, it will be a turning point for a franchise that has languished in its doldrums and has never truly banked on a star that fans can relate to.

Jacksonville, a small market in the NFL, can finally dream of becoming big.


Ryan tannehill

The Titans quarterback roughed up the Lions with three touchdown passes, in addition to two more ground majors. The Titans retain first place in the South Division of the American conference.

David Montgomery

If the Bears still cling to small hopes of making the playoffs, it is because their carrier David Montgomery is on fire. With 146 rushing yards and two touchdowns, he was the driving force behind the offensive against the Vikings.

Tom brady

The veteran Buccaneers quarterback took charge of the Falcons with 390 passing yards and two touchdowns. After a tough first half he bounced back, as he has done so often over time.

The Dolphins

What a fantasy for this team to officially take the Patriots out of the playoff race! The attack, deprived of choice receivers, galloped for 250 rushing yards.

Kyler murray

The Cardinals quarterback produced 435 yards of attack (passing and rushing), with three passing touchdowns and one running. It was a tough duel against his opposite Jalen Hurts (338 yards, three touchdowns, 63 yards rushing, one touchdown).


The Patriots

Not only are they officially eliminated from the playoff race, but all-star cornerback Stephon Gilmore suffered a knee injury that looked serious. Quarterback Cam Newton is no longer following the parade.

The Falcons

For the third time this season, they have escaped a lead of at least 16 points. All records are made to be broken. But this one, which is one of pure mediocrity, could survive forever!

The Vikings

Their loss to the Bears gives them a 6-8 record and virtually eliminates them from the playoff race. When you can’t stop the Bears offensive, you don’t deserve to play in January.

The Rams

The unimaginable loss to the Jets drops the Rams to second place in their division. They remain well positioned for the playoffs, but they missed the opportunity to qualify.

The Saints

The Saints missed chances against the Chiefs, but more importantly, they saw several players fall in battle and Cameron Jordan be ejected. Defeat could leave its mark.

5 games of the week

1. Brown Bomb

One would have thought that the FOX network had chosen to rebroadcast the famous Super Bowl 51, when Tom Brady and the Patriots had closed a deficit of 28 to 3 in the third quarter to win against the Falcons. This time, Brady, in the Buccaneers uniform, closed a 24-7 deficit in the third quarter to propel his team to a 31-27 victory over the same Falcons. The touchdown that turned out to be victorious was a 46-yard bomb from Tom Brady to Antonio Brown, his first touchdown since Week 3 in 2019.

2. First affected in three years

Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant finally savored a touchdown, a first for him since Dec. 10, 2017. Bryant caught an 11-yard pass from Lamar Jackson in the second quarter, ending a 1,106-day streak without seeing the zone. goals ! It must be said that from 2010 to 2017, not a wide winger scored more touchdowns than Bryant, who scored 73 with the Cowboys. In 2018 and 2019, he did not take part in any matches.

3. Bags and series

The Seahawks advanced to the playoffs thanks to their hard-won victory over Washington. In the dying moments of the game, Washington advanced to the Seahawks’ zone with the ball, but two successive quarterback sacks put an end to their hopes. LJ Collier first knocked Dwayne Haskins down to the ground before Carlos Dunlap imitated him in the next play. Dunlap, obtained at the trade deadline, is a major acquisition for the Seahawks.

4. Still at the door …

Definitely, the Texans are not due to beat the Colts in 2020. For the second time in the last weeks, they knocked on the door of the goals at the very end of the game in an attempt to cause the surprise, without success. This time, the Texans believed they had converted a fourth down when Deshaun Watson joined Keke Coutee, who then watched Darius Leonard drop the ball two yards from the end zone.

5. Shut up, my uncle!

The bearer of the Titans, Derrick Henry, is no sweet! When someone is in their path, they are not the type to politely ask for the right of way. Cornerback Alex Myres learned it the hard way when Henry extended his arm to propel him off the field. Henry finished the game with 147 rushing yards and has 1,679 this season. At least poor Myres is now known!

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