NFL: a 17-game season?

The NFL would add a game to its regular season in order to present 17 games as of the 2021 season.

According to ESPN, the Goodell circuit would make the announcement this week.

This would be the first time the NFL has added a party to its campaign since 1978. The move was approved by the Players Association during negotiations for the new collective agreement last March.

As of the 2021 season, the NFL would now have an 18 week schedule instead of 17. Each team would have a week off, as is currently the case. The Super Bowl game would be postponed to the second weekend in February.

An additional week would allow the league in particular to seek additional income and thus compensate for the economic losses racked up by the pandemic. Recall that the NFL was forced to increase its salary cap from $ 198.2 million (2020) to $ 182.5 million (2021).

Last year, the circuit had already made a big change by adding a team in the playoffs, bringing the total of participating clubs to 14.

According to the daily Washington post, the NFL would also like to host four additional international games. For several campaigns, she has held matches in London and Mexico.

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