NFL | 8% reduction in the salary cap

The salary cap in the National Football League will be US $ 182.5 million next season, an 8% drop from 2020.

Barry wilner
Associated Press

The loss of income suffered by the NFL due to the coronavirus pandemic led to the first lowering of the salary cap since 2011. This season followed a campaign without a salary cap.

The free agent market will open next Wednesday, although it is possible to approach free agents « legally » from Monday.

NFL officials are on the verge of reaching agreements to renew its broadcasting contracts. These deals, however, will not impact the 2021 season.

Last summer, the Players’ Association and the NFL came to an agreement on a minimum salary cap of 175 million. This amount was however increased by 5 million in February. Now it has just been established at 182.5 million.

Now, the time has come for a number of teams that are way over the salary cap to start thinking about cleaning up.

For example, the Los Angeles Rams are in a situation where they could exceed the salary cap by $ 41 million. The Philadelphia Eagles have a surplus of 35 million and the New Orleans Saints, 33 million.

At the other end of the table, the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars are the teams with the most money available, between $ 65 million and $ 67 million.

« Obviously we are in a better position than we were at this time last year, » admitted Jets general manager Joe Douglas, referring to the free agent market.

“However, I would say that our philosophy and our position have not changed. Our goal and our strategy is to be a team that builds from the draft and uses free agents to complement our training, ”he added.

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