NFL: $ 26 million jump for salary cap

It looks like NFL teams will be able to spend up to an additional $ 26 million to hire players in 2022.

According to what the NFL Network learned on Sunday, the Goodell Circuit will increase its salary cap from $ 182.5 million to $ 208.2 million for the next campaign. The league is expected to make the announcement sometime in the next week.

Recall that the NFL had reduced its ceiling by more than $ 15 million between the 2019 and 2020 seasons, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The circuit and the players’ union, however, have agreed to spread the loss of income linked to the pandemic over many years, which allows them to return to the trajectory planned before the arrival of the virus concerning the salary cap.

The NFL will also get additional revenue starting this season with the addition of a 17th game in the regular season and the maintenance of an additional team in the playoffs.

Also according to the NFL Network, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was also a substantial increase in the cap for the 2023 campaign.

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