Neymar (PSG) details his friendship with Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat)


Neymar, on his presence at the NBA Finals to encourage Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat): “It’s a fun story. I talk a lot with Jimmy and when he participated in the play-offs, he said to me: “You have to come see me play. » I then replied: « If you make it to the final, I’ll come watch you play. » I wasn’t going to come here because I was recovering from ankle surgery and had to go to Brazil to continue my recovery.

Then he kept winning and winning, and when he won the conference final, he texted me to say:  » I am waiting for you. » When you promise something to a friend, you have to stick to it. That’s why I came here. We talked a bit after the third game. We exchanged a few messages. It is obvious that he is not at all satisfied, but I told him that it was not over, that I had confidence in him and that I was sure that he would have a good match 4”.


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