Neymar in Manchester City, PSG tried a final bet during the transfer window – Kick Football

PSG wanted to part ways with Neymar, according to Marca in Spain, this Saturday.

Neymar sold in the final minutes of the transfer window? This is the crazy scenario that PSG attempted, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca. The Brazilian would have been proposed to Manchester City, and this to avoid a new small war with Kylian Mbappé.

To save themselves a war of egos, PSG therefore tried to sell it Thursday evening, a few minutes from the end of the summer transfer window. A version to be taken with tweezers of course, since Marca is a pro-Real Madrid Spanish daily.

However, Manchester City would have quickly refused, so as not to create problems in the dressing room, with the arrival of another star. City are indeed already well supplied with Erling Haaland, who has scored goal after goal since the start of the season. Neymar, he makes the happiness of PSG… Everything is fine then.

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